ENHYPEN's Jay issues public apology for calling Korean history too short to learn

  • ENHYPEN's Jay issues public apology for calling Korean history too short to learn



    Article: ENHYPEN's Jay apologizes for calling Korean history "it's like a short story"

    Source: Wikitree via Instagram

    On a Weverse live, Jay responded to another member who said that Korean history was fun to learn by saying, "I like studying history but there isn't a lot of information on Korean history. You can study it for a few weeks, skim over most of the information, and you're already done. It reads like a short story. The histories of other countries, on the other hand, are endless. I've read up on all sorts of different countries and there's truly no end to their histories. With Korea's, you pass by Balhae really quickly before it becomes the three kingdoms and then a little bit after that. It all goes by so quickly. When I was studying it, I was thinking, 'Why am I done so quickly?'"


    1. [+490] How can you call 5,000 years of Korean history a "short story"... Everything can look easy to you if you don't know anything about it. Maybe you should study it for real this time~

    2. [+297] It's the fault of his own lack of information, what can we do about that?

    3. [+286] And yet there are people who dedicate their entire lives to studying our history...

    4. [+204] He really publicly announced his ignorance like this...

    5. [+54] 😢 Please don't speak on Korean history without properly studying it... you'll end up like Seolhyun, making foolish makes that will get you hate

    6. [+20] "Whatever the case, it was my personal impression" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He still has no idea why what he said was wrong. I'm speechless.

    7. [+79] And yet that "short story" he speaks of makes up thousands of novels in history books.. and the annals of the Joseon dynasty are still not completely translated over yet as well

    8. [+55] "Whatever the case" = I was just speaking my opinion but I have to keep all your wallets open so I'll apologize for it

    9. [+22] And this is coming from an American, a country whose history is shorter than just the 500 years of our Joseon dynasty... who is he calling short?

    10. [+107] This is why the most ignorant people are the ones who've only read one book ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    11. [+3] And this is why idols need to be put in continuing education

    12. [+24] ㅋㅋㅋ and yet American history is as short as a YouTube short. What did he even read to learn Korean history through? One book out of a manhwa-fied series?

    13. [+41] The fact that he says "whatever the case" in his apology just tells me he's still wrong

    14. [+75] Well that's over for him, then. This will follow him for the rest of his career.

    15. [+194] If you don't know much about a subject, keeping your mouth shut will often take you a longer way than saying something like this

    16. [+1] It's always the empty carts that rattle the loudest ㅋㅋ

    17. [+3] Why is he talking as if he's some top level history researcher with 30 years of experience ㅋㅋ

    ENHYPEN's Jay issues public apology for calling Korean history too short to learn
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  • This is probably a reflection of his Education in the US where Korean history is barely covered..and somehow he connected that since..he barely learned any korean history to "korean history being short" - not realizing it was his level of exposure to korean history.

    Korean history is immense - and even with much lost during the Korean war and Japanese occupation, it still takes years to get a decent grasp of it.

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