Fourth generation girl groups get the spotlight at fashion week in France

  • Fourth generation girl groups get the spotlight at fashion week in France



    Article: Brand supplied her with 1.6 milllion won hotel room... Why are luxury brands investing in rookie Jang Wonyoung

    Source: The Joongang via Naver

    1. [+547, -69] That girl group in the last photo all have same looking faces. Did they all go to the same clinic?

    2. [+468, -80] Jang Wonyoung always makes that same fake facial expression where she looks like she's trying to seduce you. It's so funny every time I see it ㅋ

    3. [+371, -40] Chang Yuan Ying?

    - [+21, -6] So she's Chinese, right?

    - [+13, -2] Is she really Chinese?

    - [+8, -2] Daughter of ethnic Chinese

    4. [+278, -51] Sigh, she's the second generation of a Joseonjok family

    5. [+157, -10] She's so pretty already without having to do anything but she makes such fake facial expressions and actions. Everything about her posing to her facial expressions are just so over the top ㅠㅠ it's like she's trying to copy what someone who is actually 'young and rich' is supposed to act like

    6. [+78, -6] I wish she'd loosen up and act more naturally, she'd look so much prettier!!! She's so young but acts too coquettish all the time...

    7. [+61, -5] Can her agency do something about her posing with a wink all the time, it's so fake and makes me want to change the channel

    8. [+38, -2] I can't stand her coquettish act. She's so young and it gives me such a weird vibe. I can't stand watching her on TV.

    9. [+36, -1] Can her agency please do something about her facial expressions! I can't focus on any of her CFs because all I see are her over the top facial expressions

    10. [+37, -4] Isn't Wonyoung-ssi Chinese??

    11. [+27, -2] Did Aespa all get work done at the same hospital? They look exactly the same. How surprising.

    12. [+17, -1] Wait, Jang Wonyoung is a Hwagyo?

    13. [+16, -1] Can people seriously tell apart the Aespa members, the three on the left? It looks like someone just copied and pasted their faces.

    14. [+15, -0] I remember back when Korean middle and high schoolers idolized American and Japanese singers... now it's our country's idols who have modernized singing, dancing, and beauty

    15. [+14, -1] Well, Givenchy's a flop... Aespa looks so unsightly there

    16. [+12, -3] A Chinese woman is considered a top Korean idol... what in the

    17. [+12, -4] Did her agency write this article? Who is Jang Wonyoung?

    18. [+8, -1] Am I the only one who thinks Aespa all look the same?

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