Korea also miss BP

  • This not from crazy naver or theoqoo or whatever

    video uploaded yesterday on youtube korean with 786 comment and 303,614 views

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    comment section : (translation)

    -After seeing BLACKPINK Coachella, I miss BLACKPINK’s comeback more and more. They are people flying around on stage.

    -It is a national harm to neglect the walk blackpink for a long time.
    There are a lot of groups that comeback twice a year, but BLACKPINK is too far behind.
    It is beneficial to everyone to roar when it is dyed, and to blow it up when it is in its prime.
    Popularity is like a mirage.
    Let go of the arrogance that this popularity will keep going even though BLACKPINK is not moving.
    It's the entertainment industry that you can really get hooked on in an instant.
    Corona has eased and SBS even successfully held a concert in Germany last week for the first time in a long time.
    Get Blackpink on stage quickly!!
    If you miss the timing, it is the public psychology that BLACKPINK can get away from attention and view at any time!!!

    -It's been so long since I haven't done Blackpink's comeback, so I think I'll forget it.... Comeback really quickly.
    -Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Soo-man are both success stories of kpop and obstacles at the same time.
    -It's a pity...Leave such a good group behind...why do they rot...

    -And 2ne1, who was good at it, also mercilessly threw it away, but the fact that Blackpink, who is good and has a lot of people who like him, is making it like that.

    -Even if I record those charming pretty boys day by day, I am really upset that I have to leave 1 year and 7 months on a bad board.. However, once they make a comeback, the quality is just overwhelming.. I hope they make a comeback. Does it make sense that the last comeback on an album is October 20th?

    -YG Family talked about BLACKPINK's comeback, I'm looking forward to it, but please come out ㅠㅠ All BLACKPINK songs are out, but honestly, even if I'm not on BLACKPINK, I was successful.

    -No, I really want BLACKPINK to make a comeback soon, and I like WINNER to come out with a lot of variety shows, but it would be great if they could make a comeback....
    -Hyunsuk hyung, why are you raising everything and not caring about it?

    -No, it's not that we won't make a comeback because of poor performance, we have to improve our performance with a comeback. YG, what Baby Monster or Monster Baby Bin is preparing, I'm worried that Blackpink will become like 2ne1.

    -However, if you comeback after such a long hiatus, and the song is not as good as expected or does not live up to the expectations of the public, your popularity can go down in an instant. Because as there is a saying that only good memories remain as time goes by, as the waiting time increases, the public's view of Blackpink is covered with a rosy filter. So expectations are rising. But it doesn't go there? Then, on the next comeback, even if the song is good, it may not be very popular. Taking a long hiatus is a very risky move.. It's not that other popular groups comeback regularly. Of course, I'm not really worried because BLACKPINK's comeback songs are always above average, but...

    -When the contract period ends, go to another agency as a whole!

    -Isn't Blackpink's 7th anniversary next year?
    I would really cry if it was the last song of BLACKPINK before the disbandment of Love Sik Girl..
    I hope TWICE and BLACKPINK both renew their contracts.
    Both are two-tops that dominated the 3rd generation, so it is impossible to imagine a world without tweed and blackpink.


    -I wish I would stop relying on Teddy.
    Somi Jeon, my agency, is number one, and I am now collecting and collecting all the good songs to give to a new girl group that is going to comeback this year. If you only get good songs written by overseas composing teams, you'll be fine...

    -I really, really, really miss Blackpink~~~ㅠㅠ
    -WINNER also has few albums since their debut in 2014, has a long hiatus, and also went to the military.

    -As someone who likes BLACKPINK songs, it is a pity that the music does not come out compared to the popularity of BLACKPINK.. Who is that? That… Icon? It's a pity that it goes well, but it doesn't show up on TV that much.

    -I'm really going crazy because of YG, I just wish I could change my agency...

    -Even if YG comes out once every 3.4 years, it's a level that should be commendable. I might not be able to play music just because I'm on a world tour.

    -No matter how many new girl groups come out right now, BLACKPINK is so overwhelming. Domestic fans as well as overseas fans will be very much waiting, but if they make a comeback soon...
    -YG, please make a blackpink comeback
    -Please...let's make a comeback..Really Hyunsuk-ah...let's open the jewelry box
    -A world where time really solves everything ㅋㅋ Yang Hyun-suk is like this, he seems to appear naturally on music shows as well Uh-huh

    -YG is weird. Blackpink is the surest way to increase sales and profits, so why don't they make a comeback and they don't want to make money?
    I don't understand why some companies don't want to make money.
    -I mean, unnies, you came out of a dream.. Please make a comeback in reality, not in your dreams..😭😭😭😭
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    Please make a comeback soon ㅠㅠ

    -Isn't it good for Yang Hyun-suk to continue promoting after Blackpink's comeback?
    The two bosses have a really good mind... they're weird...

    -BLACKPINK's songs have always been good, so there hasn't been a satisfactory song yet..?

    -Renewing the contract with BLACKPINK seems to be difficult.. I don't understand why they don't promote like that.

    -In the meantime, the kids are going to explode. Tomboy, My Back, etc. These guys' songs are so good

    -They make a comeback once or twice a year...
    It’s my 7th year, and if all the songs are 23… oh my… I feel the seriousness more clearly when I hear something just in numbers…
    Although it was very successful thanks to YG
    Now it feels like YG is holding Blackpink's ankle tight...
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    -Oh shit, make a comeback soon, three sisters 🥵🥶

    -Blackpink is a legend among legends
    There was no girl group that had the best fandom for every member of every girl group. This is the same with Big Bang as a male idol. Except for Big Bang GD, there was no single member of the fandom that was the best, and Blackpink was completely different.
    I've never seen all 4 members so popular as a solo artist overseas other than Black Pink.
    In addition, the number of YouTube subscribers is already the highest in Korea, and as far as I know, including overseas, Blackpink has the highest number of subscribers, and every time they hold an overseas concert, they not only fill the seats, but they also sell tickets abroad and exceed 1 million won. There are also a lot of fans who want to get tickets, and lastly, when YG joined the Big Bang army and YG was in debt, Blackpink cleared the YG debt, and Blackpink earns an astronomical amount of money. Even if I include everything, I can't keep up with the earnings that Blackpink made. Perfect one-top Dior overseas president is sending a love call to pick up Jisoo when Blackpink's contract ends.
    Jenny, Lisa, and Rosé and Jisoo are also having a huge influence on fashion and music abroad. Jenny is blonde and has a talent that is more than successful even if she works as an actress in a movie or a drama abroad. As for Pink, I don't know what kind of new female idol YG will come out in the future, but Black Pink's popularity and influence do not seem to come out of YG anymore. I think that they are a real legendary girl group. Blackpink is a talent that is too precious to be active in Korea, and I think it is Blackpink that shines abroad.
    One like (this one is too passionate ^^ lol / blink certified )

    -Please, good luck with your new contract with BLACKPINK ㅜㅜ I really hope they make a comeback too ㅜㅜ

    -Isn't Blackpink going to be like 2NE1? ㅠㅠ Yang seems really crazy.
    -If it were me, BLACKPINK would make a comeback twice a year, even if they couldn't.
    -You are neglecting the talented and pretty girls.
    -BLACKPINK Absolutely!! I can't lose!!
    -BLACKPINK has plans for a comeback and a world tour.
    I'll have to wait..

    -I'm really looking forward to BLACKPINK's comeback..
    -It's strange, our own artists should also be active
    Isn't it good to make money?
    But why are you trying not to make a comeback?

    -ah… It's really hard to keep blinking..

    -Jennie noona seems to be making a really cool comeback.. I think she will show a really exciting performance on stage~
    I love you Jennie noona💕💕
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    - Currently, there are so many popular groups such as Ive, Itzy, Espa, Nmix, etc. It's hard to beat them all and go to the top..
    Blackpink had only a few dangerous (?) groups like Red Velvet and Twice, but now
    Ive, Itzy, Espa, Nmix, etc. Even in the heyday of K-Pop girl groups, there is no such thing as Bemon surpassing all of them, but to leave BLACKPINK unattended and throw them away...what confidence do you have with Red Velvet like SM?
    What do you see...? SM singers like you come and sing together.. Like (GOT THE BEAT).. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    Yang Hyun-suk really... After throwing away 2NE1, I realized the situation a little bit, so don't give up BLACKPINK, I'm working on behalf of you ㅠㅠ
    Bemon always floats

    I don't have that...
    (+Nmix also came from a big company, but compared to Twice and Itzy, it didn’t come out well.. Please ㅠ Mind
    Make sure to renew your contract with BLACKPINK + a lot of songs...)

    -But it's yg, so it's going well.
    When I look at the previous singers from other companies, their grades are not particularly good.
    -Even once in the first half and the second half is not enough ;(

    come one lazy YG, get out there ... It's time :pepe-clown-gear:


  • everyone misses the pinks but their comeback is close i can feel it, this june pls!

    or maybe im clowning myself again :clown:

    JTBC said july my friend

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  • JTBC said july my friend

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    but its okay, i have waited this long, i can wait a little longer </3

    ♥*♡∞:。.。Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim。.。:∞♡*♥


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