Vietnamese music videos are constantly accused of ‘plagiarism’

  • Vietnamese music videos are constantly accused of ‘plagiarism’

    Tuesday 09th August 2022 10:18 AM


    Male singer Jack “re-appeared” at the end of July with the MV Lonely Star after nearly a year of singing, “cultivating” because of the noise of his private life. This MV quickly created a great effect on social networks, attracting nearly 22 million views after 2 weeks, topping YouTube VN’s trending music list. The reason is not because the work is so excellent, but because Jack has doubts about plagiarism, image plagiarism, and many viewers criticize the lyrics and singing in Lonely Star. The more it is attacked and criticized, the more curious people will find this MV and attract more attention.

    Dong Nhi was accused of choreographing in the MV “You’re melancholy”

    Music experts commented that Jack’s Lonely Star is reminiscent of Blinding Lights – a hit song by Canadian artist The Weeknd. Composer To Hieu rated Jack’s song as “Blinding Lights” 90% similar in structure and melody. Haketu – a music blogger with more than 500,000 followers on YouTube – thinks that the harmony of these two songs is 99% similar. Jack was also found to be imitating The Weeknd’s hairstyle, costumes, styling, choreography, and expressions in the Blinding Lights MV. This has sparked a wave of reactions, boycotting Jack harshly, even many Vietnamese viewers went to The Weeknd’s original MV on YouTube to express their frustration, telling this foreign artist that there was a problem. Vietnamese singer “directed” the song “Blinding lights”.

    Not only that, some scenes in Jack’s MV were commented by the audience to resemble the character Jocker of American cinema, or the details in the famous Spanish film Money Heist – The million-dollar mission. In particular, the chorus of Jack’s new song is said to have many similarities with a passage in Phat Ho’s song “Co Tham does not return”. Therefore, the MV Lonely Star is difficult to convince in terms of content because the script connects a little and illogically with an MV promoting negative content.

    Previously, the MV There’s no one at all by Son Tung M-TP was said to have many scenes similar to international music products such as Crooked (G-Dragon), Haru Haru, Loser (Big Bang), When I Grow Up by rapper NF or some scenes from the Thai movie Dead Covenant. Dong Nhi’s Melancholy Mi Mi MV is suspected of copying AliENZ’s Toxic choreography because it is 90% similar. The song “Will Stop Waiting” performed by singer Anh Rong was also accused of “blatantly” copying the hit “Life Goes On” of the Korean group BTS from the chorus to the solo segments, forcing the MV to be removed from YouTube. main male singer.

    Shortcut to more fame (or notoriety)?

    Composer RIN9 – composer of Sad Can’t Let Go, said: “The fact that many people think I plagiarize comes from the fact that the songs all use the same harmony ring”. According to RIN9, in pop music, the common use of harmonic rings to compose is easy to see in many works of musicians. The crew also gave the total score of 3 songs including Sad can’t let go, Sick enough to die 1, 2 for the audience to compare and the similarity lies in the first notes of the sentence.

    It can be seen that there are many young artists who tend to “plagiarize” when releasing new music products. They copy and imitate a little from each place, not the whole religion, so as not to be “touched” by the law or by the owner for plagiarism or image plagiarism.


    Mr. T., a long-time artist manager, said: “This is not strange, since the time when Son Tung M-TP was first introduced to the audience, it was not yet an A-list star as it is now. this singer was once accused of composing like many other songs – PV), and countless other singers have “learned” along. It is worth mentioning that the first discovery of “plagiarism” was not made by the audience, but by the same crew who released the news and self-published the “plagiarized” MV on groups discussing showbiz and music to attract the public to discuss. because they think the more comments, the more attention and popularity the singer gets. Unfortunately, this wrong trend and path has emerged as a “movement” until now, so it needs to be reflected harshly to correct it.

    With Jack’s Lonely Star MV, this crew said it was clear from the beginning that the MV was inspired by famous products. “But in fact, if the MV says “The MV is inspired by a famous work, all characters, setting and organization are fictitious”, then Jack’s crew has the right to “plagiarize”. copy someone else’s ideas, tunes, images? And once there is an intention to imitate like that, is there a “turbulence” for the new MV is also in the plan?”, the audience commented angrily.

    Currently, when being accused of “plagiarizing” music or images, often singers “ignore” them, without apologizing to music lovers or making any moves to explain. Or rare if there is feedback, the common answer of the singers is “accept being inspired by A, B, C or X, Y, Z”, and so everything sinks, no one “tracks” review”, and that song and MV became a hit because many viewers listened to it and obtained the result “million views”.

    However, as musician and producer Nguyen Hai Phong said: “If in the musical journey of these singers, once there is a hit song or MV that has left its mark, it is a copied product. , plagiarism, is the career path, doing art of an artist glorious and proud?”.

    “The audience should be stricter, don’t let it pass, and use the right to boycott and not support “plagiarized” singers to restore a civilized, clean, and musical environment. Vietnam is developing more and more and catching up with the world”, added Nguyen Hai Phong.

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