Gender ratios of fans buying albums of girl groups

  • Yes, because girl crush has an overall more sexy vibe, why do the girls with a cute concept garner more male attention. Why I said it was creepy is because with the rise of underaged K-pop idols doing a cute and sexy concept, it could be dangerous for those Idols.

    I wasn't being hateful, I pointed out something in the statistic

    It’s literally called girl crush to appeal to girls. Girl crush & sexy are too totally different concepts

    You were being hateful & biased cuz the implication was that doing cute concept equates to creepiness and/or male fans liking girl groups who do such concepts are creepy

    And like I said before, the GGs listed up here with more male fans don’t even do cute concepts like that anymore, not to mention most if not all of the members of said groups are well in their 20s now

    Even with that said, y’all act like male fans are all a bunch of 30-40+ year old men stanning 16 year old girls (which isn’t a problem if they just like the idol aspect as oppose to going in detail about how attracted they are to them). A ton of male fans are high school-college age

    “The rise of underage idols doing cute & sexy concept” lol they been doing that since forever, there’s no sudden rise in it

    So yeah, if your first thought to male fans stanning girl groups with cute concept is “creepy”, that’s a hateful bias point blank period

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