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  • Hiiii! Just wanted to say hello! I realized that we haven’t interacted before, and you seem really nice! :3

    • hey! you seem like a nice person too :)) i see your posts time to time

    • Thank youuu! :3

    • npnp <33

  • how's it going? :blushing:

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    • im good! wbu?

    • I'm great ty :cutes:

      I've seen you around in a lot of bp threads, so I just wanted to say hi :smirks2:

    • yw :)) yeah im obsessed with bp lmao. also i love your theme, chae looks cute <33

    • as you should be :smirks2:

      I'm a bit obsessed too, if it's not obvious yet :eyebrowsr:

      And yess chae is such a cutie :lover1:

    • lol yes it is, is she your bias?

  • Thanks very much for the follow back! Very kind of you! :borahae:

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    • your welcome! ntmy too :)) i would rather not expose my name on here lol

    • dw, there's no need for that! lol :-P

      thanks again!

    • no prob lmao <3

  • Is Jennie or Rose you BP bias ? :|:|:|

  • Thanks for following back!

    Noticed you visited my profile which is why I followed <3

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    • no prob! i looked at your profile because of ladybug lol :-)

    • Oh lol haha

      I always wonder why people visit my profile

    • yeah i just checked cause i haven't seen much kpop fans that watch miraculous ladybug lmao

    • Oh yeah lol

      Reminds me that I need to finish the season I’m on

      After Color Rush

    • color rush? what is that?

  • Hey <3

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  • thanks for the follow💙

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  • Hello Rosie fan! Thanks for the follow

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