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    Choi Hyunjoon and Jung Hohyun


    e.one is a duo of freelance producers, consisting of Choi Hyunjoon and Jung Hohyun. They're sound comprises of bright pop, and they're noticeable by their big choruses and addictive hooks, synth sounds, and dynamic beats. The tracks produced are usually album tracks; e.one haven't produced many singles. Choi Hyunjoon is also a member of V.O.S, an RnB trio.


    e.one's first production credit was with 9muses in 2010, as they produced two demos for them: 'Play Me Now' and 'I (Knew It)'. 'I (Knew It)' would then been given to Sonamoo and the final version would be released at the end of 2017.

    After working with ZE:A, e.one would then compose 'Lucky,' a b-side off Exo's repackage 'Growl' that was released in 2013. The track peaked at 17 on the Circle (formerly Gaon) digital chart.

    After line-up changes, Wonder Girls released their single 'I Feel You' in 2015 with production credits of e.one. It then peaked at number 3 on the Circle digital chart.

    e.one helped produce multiple songs for April and WJSN, and shaped their early sound which includes many of e.one's signature styles.

    Other notable works include Kara's 'Cupid,' 9Muses' 'Hurt Locker,' and Iz*One's 'Merry Go Round' and 'Sequence.'

    Production Credits

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