Learn Way (Yuqi)

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    I. Introduction

    Learn Way, is a South Korean variety show airing weekend on KakaoTV, which premiered every Sunday at 12 noon and a re-run on 1theK Originals' YouTube channel every Friday at 12 pm KST. The first season aired on September 20, 2020 to May 2, 2021 hosted by (G)I-dle's Song Yuqi.

    II. Synopsis

    KakaoTV's original entertainment show Learn Way is a project that captures (G)I-dle's Song Yuqi process of being reborn as an 'all-rounder' by meeting with expert mentors in various fields. She is a self-proclaimed center, and visual who can dance and sing, and quickly becomes friends with anyone. In Learn Way, Yuqi will show mentors through special chemistry across ages, genres, and borders with her unique affinity. In particular, she plans to show off her cute speech and an unusually lively charm and unfolds an entertainment cheeky level. As an idol member, she will learn various fields that she has not tried, and will provide not only unpredictable laughter but also the reward of learning and growth.

    III. Reception

    Learn Way's viewership has exceeded 1 million since episode 19. Lee Ye-ji from the South Korean newspaper Newsen, wrote that "Learnway is loved by many viewers due to Yuqi's passion and positive attitude in acknowledging her mistakes and the chemistry between Yuqi and mentors who have appeared from various fields. Yuqi harmonized with the mentors who had appeared so far without any sense of incongruity, and quickly became friends and created chemistry." She also considered the show as something the viewers can enjoy, learn and understand about various occupational groups every time. She concluded, "Learnway is being loved by adding various things to see, know, and fun."As the show progresses, it surpassed 2 million views each time the episode was uploaded.

    The show's producer Kim Ki-min said, "Yuqi lived up to his expectations." He commented, "Yuqi who has passed cute charm and excellent entertainment, meets mentors full of personality in various fields, giving fun and laughter with a new look every time.

    IV. Episodes

    IVI. Teaser (Sep 17, 2020)

    IVII. Episode 1 - Learn Trot (September 20, 2020)

    • Guest - Park Hyun-woo (Veteran trot composer and singer-songwriter)
    • Mission - Skill test. Beat practice. Wanppong. Making second character (Yuqi as Yang Gwi-bi).

    IVIII. Episode 2 - How to Become a Newscaster (September 27, 2020)

    • Guest - Kim Il-jung (Former SBS broadcaster)
    • Special appearance - Kim Ga-hyun (The teaching assistant)
    • Mission - Level test. Vocalization and pronunciation. Expression power development. Hosting an interview. Final test.

    IVIV. Episode 3 - Learning Hip-hop (October 4, 2020)

    • Guest - Rhythm Power (Hip hop group)
    • Special appearance - Hangzoo, Boi B and Geegooin.
    • Mission - Ability test. One point lesson. Writing Lyrics, Uh-Oh remix ver. recording.

    IVV. Episode 4 - Learning Hairdressing (October 11, 2020)

    • Guest - Woo Gi-woo (Hairdresser)
    • Mission - Ability test. Shampooing. Styling. Cutting. Final practice.

    IVVI. Episode 5 - Yuqi as the Zookeeper (October 18, 2020)

    • Guests - Kim Hannah, Kim Shin-woo (Zookeepers)
    • Mission - Cleaning the elephant grounds. Elephant's medical care. Feeding the wild guinea fowl. Meeting the giraffe. Final test.

    IVVII. Episode 6 - Learning boxing (October 25, 2020)

    • Guest - Choi Hyun-mi (Professional boxer)
    • Mission - Level test. Basic boxing training. Boxing fundamentals. Final mission.

    IVVIII. Episode 7 - Learning to B-boy (November 1, 2020)

    • Guest - Park In-soo (Kill) (B-boy)
    • Special appearance - Kim Ye-ri (Yell) (B-Girl, choreographer and the teaching assistant)
    • Mission - Skills test. Basics of B-boying. B-boying power move. B-boying battle. Final performance.

    IVIX. Episode 8 - Learning PUBG (November 8, 2020)

    • Guests - Hansia & EJ (Afreeca Freecs) (Professional gamers)
    • Mission - Interview. Assessing competence. Training for team play. Racing competition.

    IVX. Episode 9 - Learning Magic (November 15, 2020)

    • Guest - Nicky (Magician)
    • Special appearance - Miyeon ((G)I-dle)
    • Mission - Competence test. ESP magic. Magic performance. Magic gala show.

    IVXI. Episode 10 - Learning Baseball (November 22, 2020)

    • Guest - Park Jin-hyung (Baseball player)
    • Special appearance - Thegyusik (Former baseball player and the subordinate)
    • Mission - Ability assessment test. Fitness test. Batting training. Pitching training. Final mission.

    IVXII. Episode 11 - Learning How to Make Pasta (November 29, 2020)

    • Guest - Fabry (Italian Michelin star chef)
    • Mission - Cooking test. Learning to make carbonara. Learning how to make vongole. Pasta contest.

    IVXIII. Episode 12 - Learning Krump (December 6, 2020)

    • Guest - Kim Sol-hee (Black Bomb) (Krump dancer)
    • Special appearance - Kim Mi-ji (Opera) & Kim Geum-ha (AXKIM) (The teaching assistants)
    • Mission - Ability assessment test. Excitement and expression. Hat trick. Krump battle. Final mission.

    IVXIV. Episode 13 - Learning Woodworking (December 20, 2020)

    • Guest - Eunyoung (Star technician)
    • Mission - Skill test. Learning about woodworking. Learning about design. Final test.

    IVXV. Episode 14 - Learning Fusion Korean Food (January 3, 2021)

    • Guest - Jo Woo-hyun (Korea's 12th Master Chef)
    • Mission - The skill test. Fusion steak & risotto. Fusion pizza, The final mission.

    IVXVI. Episode 15 - Learning Rhythmic Gymnastics (January 10, 2021)

    • Guest - Son Yeon-jae (Olympic rhythmic gymnast)
    • Mission - Skills test. Point and flex. Flexibility training. The club and hoop. Ball and ribbon. Final mission: Plan and perform a ribbon gala performance, with Señorita as background music.

    IVXVII. Episode 16 - Learning Comedy (January 10, 2021)

    • Guest - Lee Se-young (Comedian)
    • Mission - Skill test. Voice mimicry development. Spicy taste dance lesson. Acting practice. Ad-lib match. Makeup match.

    IVXVIII. Episode 17 - Learning Soyeon (January 24, 2021)

    • Guest - Jeon So-yeon (Leader of (G)I-dle, Producer, rapper and songwriter)
    • Mission - Hosting a high quality talk show. Reacting to previous Learn Way episodes. Make a YUQI-ticon. Vegetable cooking show.

    IVXIX. Episode 18 - Learning Pottery (January 31, 2021)

    • Guest - Hong Se-rim (Ceramicist, YouTuber)
    • Special appearance - Han Se-ri (Pottery artist and the teaching assistant)
    • Mission - Skill test. Wheel control lesson and making a vessel. Coiling. Weight-guessing game. Final Mission: Making a birthday gift for a former singer turned PD.

    IVXX. Episode 19 - Learning Art Latte (February 7, 2021)

    • Guest - Lee Jong-hyeok (Barista)
    • Mission - Ability assessment test. Coffee bean roasting, making Espresso brew, making iced Americano (actually a long black since water was poured in before the coffee), making brewed coffee, milk steaming, latte art. Final mission: Final orders service test: 2x Warmer Iced Americano, Latte with latte art.

    IVXXI. Episode 20 - Learning About Tarot Reading (February 14, 2021)

    • Guest - Jung Hee-do (Soul healer & tarot master)
    • Special appearance - Miyeon & Soyeon ((G)I-dle)
    • Mission - A luck for romance. Business luck. Learning tarot card reading. Tarot reading for the staff. Fortune reading for viewers.

    IVXXII. Episode 21 - Learning to Alter Clothes (February 21, 2021)

    • Guest - Hwang Jae-keun (Fashion designer)
    • Mission - Assessment Test. Alteration Basics. Denim Alteration. Hat Alteration. Final Mission: Make a stage costume based on Lost.

    IVXXIII. Episode 22 - Learning to become a Food Show Host (February 28, 2021)

    • Guest - Kim Yun-hee (Mobile shopping host)
    • Mission - Skills test. Pronunciation and vocalization for vocal endurance. Learning the show host proceeding, selling an item without seeing them. Learning expressions by swallowing hot and sour food quickly, and fruits with juices bursting out. Final mission: Hosting a live food show selling galbi.

    IVXXIV. Episode 23 - The Making of Learn Way (part 1) (March 7, 2021)

    • Special appearance - Soyeon, Soojin, Miyeon and Minnie ((G)I-dle)
    • Mission - Reactions to behind the scenes and previously unaired clips.

    1. Tarot card reading for compatibilities with other members, Rabbit Dosa's reading of PD's compatibility with Yuqi, Secret reading with Soyeon.
    2. Learntertainer with Soyeon, her reaction to Ep. 17, when Yuqi learnt to rap, Debate about Pineapples in Hawaiian Pizza.
    3. Acting practice: The Heirs, Reply 1988
    4. Baseball fielding lesson, as the episode only focused on pitching and batting. Perfect 2B ground fielding drill.
    5. Cooking test with Fabri: Tomatoes and scrambled eggs, but with a frying pan instead of a wok.
    6. Requests for Miyeon to actually feature in an episode instead of being a clickbait thumbnail.

    IVXXV. Episode 24 - Animal Makeup Learning (March 14, 2021)

    • Guest - Risabae (Makeup artist, Beauty YouTuber)
    • Mission - Skill test. Animal face makeover. Animal makeup practice. Final mission.

    IVXXVI. Episode 25 - Online Shopping Mall Learning (March 21, 2021)

    • Guest - Jung Ji-woo (CEO of AJ Look, Fashion influencer)
    • Special appearance - Jang Hye-mi (Merchandiser mentor), Ms. Park (Head of Logistics).
    • Mission - Skills test. Match new recruit's look in 2 minutes, Logistics Team for item repairs, drafting of refund policy documents, Lunchtime. Jang Hyemi's Chinese Skills Test, MD's work. Button up shirts, Ribbon-tying test, Data entry and exposed her dislike for Windows computers, Photographing items for the website. Final Mission. Pick out a versatile outfit. One to meet with college Professor in the morning, then heading to a party after class. She must pick the items, steam and photograph the items.

    IVXXVII. Episode 26 - Learning Gyeongsang Dialect (March 28, 2021)

    • Guest - Heo Kyung-hwan (Comedian, Restaurateur, Amateur linguistics YouTuber)
    • Mission - Pre-test. Greeting (poorly) in Cantonese, a skill that fellow Chinese Cao Lu and Zhang Yu An knew when they were active in Korea. Skills test. Translate sentences in Gyeongsang dialect back to Standard Korean. Tonality training with sentences made by one single Hangul, as this is not a feature of Standard Korean. Yuqi's teaching's. Tonal system in Standard Chinese. Learning buzzwords.Basic expressions. Final mission. Perform an impromptu sit-com in Gyeongsang Dialect, but was later evaluated to have Gangwon-do dialect mixed in.

    IVXXVIII. Episode 27 - Learning Basketball feat. NO 3-pointers (April 4, 2021)

    • Guest - Ha Seung-jin (YouTuber, former NBA and KBL player)
    • Mission - Skills test. Make a traditional layup, score a close-range set shot, score against a defender, dribbling test. Draft combine (pre 2019 rules) - Height, wingspan, running vertical jump by high fiving him. Dribbling and shooting training, fix Ha Seung-jin's free throws (Solution - One-handed free throw). Skills Test - Be A Player-Coach. Coach and devise plays to beat him in a 1-on-5 handicap match, first ot 5 points wins.

    IVXXIX. Episode 28 - Learning on the Spot (Part 1) (April 18, 2021)

    • Guest - Lee Chang-min (Kkul-tarae seller), Jeong Jun-sik & Jo Young-hyun (Korean calligraphy)
    • Mission - Learning how to make Kkul-tarae and calligraphy (Haeseo, Hunminjeongeum & modern style).

    IVXXX. Episode 29 - Learning on the Spot (Part 2) (April 25, 2021)

    • Mission - Yuqi learnt to make wool craft of dogs and poop bread. She also called for a co-hosts for season 2, including Choi Ye-na and Mijoo.

    IVXXXI. Episode 30 - Reading the Comments and The Making of Learn Way (part 2) (May 2, 2021)

    • Mission - Reactions to behind the scenes and previously unaired clips, & also reacting to comments compiled by 1TheK Staff.