Moon Sujin

  • I. Introduction

    Moon Sujin or better known as Moon is a singer and songwriter under SM Entertainment Sub-Label: Million Market. The home of hip-hop and R&B artists like PENOMECO, Chancellor and Woo Taewoon. She debuted on October 31, 2018, with the song “Million” ft.Dok2.

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    MOON’s debut track ”MILLION” was written and composed by MOON herself. The song talks about the singer’s hardships which became her determination and inspiration to continue working hard to achieve her dreams.

    II. Profile

    Stage Name: MOON (문)
    Real Name: Moon Sujin (문수진)
    Birthdate: July 4, 1994 (age 26)

    III. Music Videos and Visual Films

    IV. Digital Singles

    Artist Song Year
    Moon MOON 2018
    Moon Day n Nite 2019
    Moon Woo 2020
    Moon I Bami (이 밤이; 2Night) 2020
    Moon, Chancellor, Babylon, twlv, MOON, BIBI, Jiselle AUTOMATIC 2020
    Moon Bamgeori (밤거리; Walk in the Night) 2020
    Chancellor, Jay Park, Lee Hi, BIBI, JAMIE, MOON, Bumkey, Samuel Seo, SURAN, Babylon, Hoody, SUMIN, MRSHALL, ANN ONE, ELO, twlv, OCEANFROMTHEBLUE, Jiselle, SOLE, THAMA, K.VSH, JINBO, JERD, Soovi, B.E.D., XYDO, OWELL MOOD, NONE AUTOMATIC REMIX 2020

    V. Collaborations & Other

    • BOYCOLD - Post Youth (#6 Simple (feat. George, MOON))
    • Sik-K - Is It Love? (feat. MOON)
    • Simon Dominic - Hwagieomgeum (#3 GOTT (feat. MOON, Woo Wonjae & Jvcki Wai))
    • MC Mong - CHANNEL 8 (#4 Muindo (feat. MOON))
    • Jung Jin Hyeong - TRACE (#3 Late Time (feat. MOON))
    • GRAY - Delyeogajwo (feat. MOON)
    • Way Ched - Why do u say (feat. MOON, Ash Island)
    • JungKey - LOVE (#3 My dear (feat. MOON))
    • EXO-SC - 1 Eogbyu (#1 1 Eogbyu (feat. MOON))
    • CADEJO, MOON - On Stage 10 Junyeon - Naege On Stage: 9 (#2 Gyeote Isseulge (feat. Kim San))
    • GXXD (Girlnexxtdoor) - mojo (#2 Chumsawi (feat. MOON, Blase))
    • Moon Sujin - The Moon (feat. NCT Taeil)

    VI. Social Media

    VII. Fun Facts

    • She can speak English fluently
    • She listens to songs by Tinashe, Kehlani, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Frank Ocean
    • She attended an English school in South Korea