• I. Get To Know Jiselle

    Jiselle (지젤) is a Korean R&B singer and songwriter under SM Entertainment Sub-Label: Million Market in “Off The” crew. She debuted on February 2nd, 2019, with the single “받지마 (Missed Call)” featuring Chancellor.

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    “Missed Call” was released through MILLION MARKET and SM Entertainment, with lyrics written by Jiselle, Chancellor and Pollen (주찬양). Jiselle and Chancellor also helped compose the song with Maxx Song and Secret Weapon, who also worked on the arrangement.

    II. Profile

    Stage name: Jiselle (지젤)
    Birthday: Dec 29th, 2000
    Instagram: @jjissselle
    Website: JISELLE 지젤

    III. Lead Singles

    Artist Song Year
    Jiselle ft Changmo "받지마 Missed Call" February 2, 2019
    Jiselle Better This Way June 14, 2019
    Jiselle Problem Dec 15, 2019
    Jiselle Language March 12, 2021

    IV. Collaborations & Singles

    Artist Song Year
    EDEN and Jiselle EDEN_STARDUST2 vol.03 "Fall In Lust" 2020.08.24
    Chancellor, Babylon, twlv, MOON, BIBI, Jiselle AUTOMATIC 2020.10.14
    Chancellor, Jay Park, Lee Hi, BIBI, JAMIE, MOON, Bumkey, Samuel Seo, SURAN, Babylon, Hoody, SUMIN, MRSHALL, ANN ONE, ELO, twlv, OCEANFROMTHEBLUE, Jiselle, SOLE, THAMA, K.VSH, JINBO, JERD, Soovi, B.E.D., XYDO, OWELL MOOD, NONE AUTOMATIC REMIX 2020.11.05
    LEEGIKWANG(이기광) X 1MILLION(원밀리언) ft Jiselle LONELY 2019.03.18
    MC Mong ft Jiselle Jonber 2019.10.25
    Kim Seungmin A Few Miles 2019.10.07

    V. Visual Flim's & Music Video's

    VI. Live Performances

    VII. Spotify

    VIII. Some Facts About Jiselle

    • She speaks English
    • She’s friends with her labelmate and singer MOON
    • She writes lyrics and composes her own songs
    • At the age of 19, she wrote, composed and released three of her singles in 2019