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    ok i am not a min hee jin stan but can we all stop calling her a pedophile?? i looked up her accusations and yeah she might fetishize young concepts (like every single artistic medium out there ) but she’s never been revealed to put her hands on a minor in anyway.

    these are serious accusations with intense implications. i know friends who have been actually assaulted by older men, actually groomed, even i’ve had personal experiences. we should not be throwing around pedophile lightly, because it is a serious line to cross.

    all producers in kpop fetishize youth. twice were also minors, it didn’t start w NJ. society fetishizes youth. i don’t think that’s a good thing. I DONT THINK ITS A GOOD THING.

    but mhj has never had anyone victims come forward and say, she did this to me. she abused me. until then? let’s wonder why these accusations are only so serious against a woman. i’m serious. men do the same things but the serious label of pedophile sticks to mhj.

    so i did some research and according to this article from a law firm, Music Sampling Rights: What You Need to Know — Romano Law


    so if you *legally* want to use a sample you do need a license. But it gets more complicated, for example just like on youtube, the length of the sample really makes a difference.


    and because music is protected under copyright law, it’s significant which portion of the song is being utilized. even if you only think that one section of easy is being used, that portion is recognizable enough to need to be licensed for.


    I but honestly i would argue that what’s going on w Easy is barely a sample, and more like copying the musical composition. the beats have similar rhythms but are not the same, but the flow of the song follows the same track. either way, if they wanted to do it legally they would need a license.

    i checked and the original creator isn’t credited (even though there’s a substantial amount of people attributed to easy), but i don’t know how to find licenses.

    i’m w you lowkey, minji fancam got me into kpop and i was prepared to love them and illit. now everything feels tainted

    And this is how you perform LIVE! You can tell it's 100% live because with a hard choreo like this you can hear them breath and sing the song totally different like the studio version. They should've won, but who cares.

    what’s esp interesting is that it takes such skilled vocalists to pull off choreo and singing live and they still sound shaky/not like the cd (BECAUSE LIVE)

    makes me think about all these other groups supposedly eating cds live all the time w super hard choreo… when we know they aren’t on KIOF level

    My intention wasn't to be sexist. Just my observation, from male fans online and male kpop fans i see in person, typically G-idle songs don't get much of a reaction. G-idle doesn't seem special to me, because i don't find their music or aesthetic eye-catching or special. That thought is completely independent of the make-up of their fans. Those were two completely different thoughts.

    There are tons of popular groups that don't seem special to me. That has little to do with their fans being primarily male or female. Heck, most kpop groups are majority female fans, because its a very female dominated genre. IF i was gonna shit on every group with more female fans, there probably wouldnt be a single group i'd be able to like LOL.

    I regularly go to kpop club nights in my area, and there WAY, and i mean WAY fewer guys who attend than girls (easily 9-1), so the guys typically hangout and are pretty close. From my experience, Queencard comes on, and all the girls go crazy while the guys are just meh. I legit didn't even recognize the song at first. Just an observation, not saying women taste in kpop are less valid.

    then put it in different paragraphs bruh, do you understand how this is easy to misinterpret bc you put the sentence about their women fans right next to them not being special?

    kpop may be dominant in female fans, but it often appears directly to men in sexualized outfits, videos, music about LOVING MEN! men are privileged as the receptor of kpop in many many cases

    I would really like to see their Female to Male fan ratio, because i feel like only women like their music. I've never found that group particularly special at all.

    bro do not be sexist on an allkpop forum. saying that the group isn’t special bc only women like their music…

    i’m not even a fan of them either, but i don’t talk shit about bands that men love and say they aren’t special or good bc men love them

    The VIBE, The ATTITUDE AND The CHARACTER of an IT GIRL :finger-heart:

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    did this vid feel weird to anyone else? why are they talking to her like she’sa child?