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    [ATEEZ] Thank you for the precious messages you've left for us. We couldn't answer all of your questions, but we had such a great time because we could feel your love and support. Please look forward to our journey ahead of us! Thank you so much, Bye!!

    [MIN GI] For now, I think I won’t be able to tell you much of ATEEZ’s new chapter. But to tell you about my personal wish, I want to make music that holds my story that ATINY or the public can relate to as I have done so far. I want to make music that can deliver my stories step by step.

    [YUN HO] I want to try a concept that's new and clever or a concept that shows ATEEZ's attractive aspects!

    [WOO YOUNG] My favorite song in this epilogue album is <Be With You>. Each of the members' voices is beautiful and I think it's a good song to listen to especially in the winter.

    Hi Ateez! Thank you for doing an amazing job as always❤️❤️! I'm so grateful to have you in my life and to be a part of this community☺️!

    You really helped me a lot during these past few years, thank you for everthing❤️❤️! Thank you for lighting up my darkest days, thank you for making me smile so much whenever I need it, thank you for making me cry also with your meaningful lyrics and thank you for being such a talented group with unique voices, with amazing performances and with such helpful and meaningful songs🥰🥰!

    I love you unconditionally🥺🥺!!

    So, now comes my question. I wanna know, for each one of you, who is the artist or even the person who inspired you to become an artist and to produce such wonderful songs??❤️❤️

    [YUN HO] I think those who inspired and influenced me greatly were my family. My role model is Rain sunbaenim. I want to be an all-rounder who is passionate about everything and good at everything like him.

    [JONG HO] It’s different even from the sound I make. I try to sing songs like <Be With You> in a stable tone while maintaining my emotions as much as possible, and I record songs like <The Real> by making an intense sound as if the sound would spring and hit forward.

    hi ateez!

    my question is: what do you hope people learn or feel when they listen to your music or watch you perform?

    thank you so much for working so hard for us these past three years. love you!

    [YEO SANG] I hope they feel that ATEEZ's music is getting better and better. And I hope they realize that ATEEZ works hard on performances anywhere anytime, and we always do our best with all our hearts on stage.

    Congratulations on your comeback! I am super proud of all of you and all the hard work you put into each and every comeback!

    My question is: When dealing with difficulties or going through tough times, what is the something that motivates?

    [JONG HO] When I think about ATEEZ as a group in general, we rely on each other, trust each other and move forward together as much as we can. And personally, I try to think about what I usually like and do what I like to do. No matter how difficult it is, we are happy when we do what we like!

    [YEO SANG] I always look forward to the same thing, ‘ATINY's Reaction’! Will ATINY like it? How will they react this time? That's what I look forward to the most.

    Hello ATEEZ. Congratulations on your comeback. I'm very glad to finally have an MV for THE REAL and I really loved the concept of it. I will always support you as an ATINY and as a music lover.

    My question is whenever you try to compose and write a song, what sort of feelings do you get and what motivates you to continue with your work/dream?

    [MIN GI] I focus on my story when I work on the songs. Sometimes I take subjects from movies or other people's stories, but I usually add dramatic elements to my own story.

    Going through the whole process of releasing a song, it feels like I am overcoming the difficulties from music by music. It's like feeling proud when the music that didn't work out well is finally released.

    And more than anything, seeing ATINY, who loves us and gives us a lot of motivation, gives me the strength to move forward!

    [SAN] I like "The Real" performance the most. We were able to clearly show you what ATEEZ’s "Style" is, and we were able to illustrate our own style in our own performances well.

    Here I go again:

    When you guys debuted, did you expected to reach the amount of international success you have?

    [SEONG HWA] Honestly, we didn’t expect any of this. We just worked hard to show you, ‘This is the style of ATEEZ, this is our band.’ It's still amazing, and I’m very grateful that many people love those aspects of our group and the styles of ATEEZ.

    Q: 이번 새 노래 야간비행 너무 좋고 청춘시대가 에이티즈로 가득해서 너무 다행라고 생각합니다! <3 혹시 미래를 위한 결정 또는 선택을 할 때의 팁을 알려줄 수 있나요?

    Q: ATEEZ who just came back with Turbulence that described about youth, is there any tips that you can give when making choices or decisions for the future?

    [HONG JOONG] I don't know if I could dare to give you a tip on future decisions, but if it helps at least a little, I'd like to say this. There will be times where you must choose between ‘What you want to do,’ ‘What you are good at,’ and ‘What you have to do.’ If you are confident that you will try all your best, there is no wrong choice. However, I want to tell you that you could prioritize ‘What you want to do.’ If you think you will regret not doing something that you want to do, you should first focus on that, even if you go back to something else later.

    For this reason, I also made my choice. Not everyone would be under the same circumstances, but I think it won’t be late first to try what you wish to do and then make a different choice.

    Since Fever era is coming to an end, can you give us a hint about what’s coming next?

    [HONG JOONG] Through the FEVER series, we were able to show you how the narrative of Treasure has started. Then I think we can expect another chapter about the story next! As we have shown you many concepts and styles in the FEVER series, we will be able to show you many things that you would want to see from us next time.

    Were there any funny episodes that happened when you guys were filming for the 'Turbulence' and '멋' music video?

    [MIN GI] For ‘Turbulence,’ all the members filmed in different places, so we could enjoy our time alone. I cannot think of any special episode for 'The Real' music video, but I had lots of fun filming every scene. Especially, the ethics textbook scene, the catch ball scene with Woo Young and me, and the scene where I did the screaming are coming to my mind.

    hi guys! do you think that there is a big difference between the music you guys debuted with vs your latest releases? if yes in what way is it different? also thankyou so much for all your hard work this year and may you rest and eat loads !!

    [Woo Young] I think we mainly had intense music in the early days of our debut, and we’ve been trying to show various styles of music lately. Thanks to that, I think ATEEZ now has a broader spectrum of music genres!

    Hi ATEEZ! Which song from Fever : Epilogue do you connect with most? I’m so proud to be ATINY ❤️

    [SEONG HWA] I would say that <Turbulence>, one of the double title tracks, is the song that I connect with the most. Some parts of the song feel like they are messages that Seong Hwa from ATEEZ wants to tell pre-debut Seong Hwa. It's also very relatable since the song contains sadness and hopefulness at the same time.

    [SAN] <Be With You> is my favorite track of the album, and "차가운 눈꽃이 시들어 내려서 그대가 봄꽃으로 피어날 때까지 I'll be with you (Translation: Until a frosty snow-flower withers away and blooms as a spring flower I'll be with you)" this part is my favorite line. I like this part of the lyrics because it delivers the message that I'll be with you in every moment from the start and to the end.

    [WOO YOUNG] The best advice that helped me would be the advice from the members. We always give advice on our performances such as dancing and singing, and also share and even become each other's counselor about our thoughts and trouble. These always help me with my struggles.