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    overdpse was 2014 so its more like 7 years now.. time flew by

    Oh yeah it was longer than 5 years ago, but I got into kpop in 2015.. I can't remember exactly when I first heard it but it would've been early when I got into kpop like 2015/2016

    I don't think his fans do have a right to feel some type of way, at least not publicly. They should keep their thoughts to themselves.

    Someone having the right to a private life means they are also free to select whichever partner they want to be with. If fans really don't like it they can just not follow him anymore, but his fans sending protest trucks advising him to think about the fact that they've "protected" him for 17 years is controlling behaviour.

    Hmmm I kinda disagree with this.. It depends to what extent they publicly show their discontent. If they're just commenting on the Internet about celebrities like we are, then I absolutely think they have the right to say what they want. Public figures are gonna be talked about regardless of what they do because the Internet exists.. That includes praise and criticism, and even hate (I'm not saying I condone the hate but it's gonna happen no matter what lbr). If they're doing things in the real world like sending him stuff (I really don't know much about this story so I don't really know what's going on), then I can see where some lines would be crossed. Regardless, I think people at least have the right to talk publicly talk about things they find concerning. Although I do agree that fans are a little too invested in the private lives of kpop celebrities.

    Like I said, he will work it out if this person is for him or not, not fans. I’m not that familiar with him, but it’s still his business and if his career is affected by her then that’s the choice he makes. I do feel fans get way too involved with private lives of idols and often do more harm than good. I wouldn’t be calling off a relationship just because fans didn’t like it.

    Yeah, it's still his choice whether he wants to stay with her or not regardless of what anyone else thinks. I'm just saying that I understand the perspective of the fans in this case, but at the the end of the day they shouldn't dictate what he does with his life.

    Well even so, it’s still his business if he wants to be in a relationship. At the end of the day, it’s nothing to do with the fans. He’s a grown man, I’m sure he can work it out.

    It's his business to be in a relationship with whoever he wants ofc, but I think the fans have a right to feel some type of way if he chooses to associate himself with a not so great human being.. Usually when scandals come out about a person (in or out of kpop) that reveals they were a shitty human being, alot of people that previously associated with them or were publicly friendly with them will distance themselves from that person. I can see why fans would be upset about this relationship because it's kinda like he's doing the opposite in this case.

    LOL, is this your first rodeo? If it isn't autotune, they will find something else to make endless threads on, you can bet your last akorn on it. Better question to ask: when will certain folks stop "worrying" about groups they profess to care nothing about? I'm afraid the answer is will coincide with the end of the world as we know it.

    I don't think BTS will ever stop being talked about seeing how popular they are.. If someone's a public figure, people are gonna find a way to talk about them no matter what, but if you think about it that's what keeps famous people relevant, other people talking about them

    I respect your opinion about autotune and your dislike of it, but by the same token I hope you respect that not everyone feels the same way about autotune or that groups under the BH umbrella overuse it or even if they do use it, use it in an overly offensive manner as it is to you. It obvious from the fact that they have fans that this is not an issue for many. Will they reign in more fans if they changed some of their songs? Ok, but I don't think they are lacking in that department anyway.

    Of course, everyone is free to feel how they want. If some people like it or are okay with it that's great! But it's also evident that it turns alot of people off, I wasn't the only one in this thread who mentioned that they dislike the use of autotune after all. I guess I should add that another good reason for them to cut down on the autotune is so threads like this won't be made anymore lol, they do get alot of criticism for using autotune, so if they cut down on that, no one would really say stuff like that anymore

    Have you heard Life Goes on and Blue and Grey from BTS' last album? Not every song they sing has autotune.

    I have heard Life Goes On and it does have alot of autotune wdym?.. I haven't heard Blue and Grey but I'm assuming that's a b-side because they don't have an mv for it (to my knowledge) and I don't listen to b-sides of groups I don't stan

    What's new?🤷🏾‍♀️.Fake concerns by antis

    Why do you care whether BH uses autotune? Just skip the song. Don't listen to it.

    Lemme just repost what I said earlier:

    People saying BTS use too much autotune in their songs is fair constructive criticism.. When people are famous, other people can point out things they dislike about their music or performances and it doesn't always mean that the famous people are being attacked... Like for me, Ima be honest, I really can't listen to BTS's music because they use wayyyyy too much autotune in their songs and it makes it unpleasant for me.. I'm not attacking them or trying to latch onto something I can find just to gripe about them lol, it's genuine constructive criticism. I think their songs would sound alot better if they used less autotune

    This obviously goes for any other BH group too. And people might care because they actually want to get into the group but can't like their music because of the autotune.. Doesn't mean they're an anti or trying to attack said group. For example, I know Gfriend wasn't exactly under BH and they're now disbanded, but they were associated with BH from Crossroads up until Mago iirc, and they didn't have excessive usage of autotune in their songs, I actually like Apple and Mago too as a result of that, so I think BH groups would actually be able to reign in more fans for their artists if they cut down on the autotune.. This is just my opinion ofc tho