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    Is Dua a plant for getting idustry push? Is billie?

    I guess every new artists that gets a push is a plant?

    KPOP artists that get ad views are plants also I guess.

    Pushed ?

    Yes yes yes

    Except dua and Billie spent years releasing music to see the success they had in 2019 and 2020

    The plant takes the cake tho.

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    Yeah you making a point. These white girls are given such an easy ride.

    If you don't know something. Better stay silent instead of spewing misleading bs . You're going through all stages of grief . Hope you reach the final stage soon cuz this has been disturbing to witness.

    It’s hilarious. One by one it’s that same fandom :pepe-clown-gear:

    Who next?

    Im not arguing that song didnt get a big push but G4U really didnt its debut on playlists were trash.

    It should be getting a push on radio yet its not.

    Also other artists get the push shes had even more so yet dont do her numbers.

    Multiple songs off the same album and artist don’t get radio push. One is chosen and yet look at her.

    Also you keep acting like Butter is discounted when every major song out now is 59p in the U.K./US incl plant.

    Yeah I guess Butter is another Organic success right?

    You dont like people calling out BTS songs for doing stuff to get ahead but when a new girl does just playlisting after the song already starts doing well shes a plant right?

    Yea she’s a plant and was called this even before butter came out. Imagine not even being two months old and pulling drake numbers

    ARMYs “manipulated” Spotify streams? BTS now have 32M followers on Spotify, it’s not unbelievable for them to achieve their number of streams. This is the same group that can sell out stadiums to real people worldwide and spent years growing that fandom and climbing up these charts.

    This girl has only 2M followers but her monthly listeners are already at 38M thanks to Interscope’s supposedly “shit playlisting”.

    Lmao. The audacity to wonder and question BTS. I guess we gonna just keep going harder.

    20m Butter streams down to 11m once filtered its literally the definition of trying to manipluate streams.

    I said shit playlisting at the start god you armys really lack the ability to think logically or read.

    It means we looped. The song is that good. Hurts I know. Let it all out.

    What gimmicks does BTS use other than putting out music? They dont do half the things most of the industry does. They dont even get as much support as other kpop groups do ffs.

    No bundles, no excessive payola, no riding other artists coattails, no artificial push, dating drama for media, not even #1 on TTH for Butter, not even top 2 in New Music Friday.

    Fans streaming and buying is the ONLY organic thing there is.

    Buying with legitimate means and they wanna cry. Not to mention those funds haven’t even been used yet. The forms only opened today.

    Nah I hate how you guys sound like a bunch of hypocrites calling someone a plant while BTS uses every gimmick possible to get number 1.

    Anyways im done here you guys think BTS is organic and 0 gimmicks or push at all so this discussion is pointless.

    Save this faux righteous energy for you own faves. Dead at this tbh. It’s hilarious.