Netizens wonder if V’s OST is the public’s pick

  • Is V’s OST the public’s pick?


    I thought the fans pushed him at first, but seeing how Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook’s OSTs didn’t chart for as long as I thought, looks like V’s OST is the public’s pick

    [+205, -141]

    1. [+152, -30] That’s right, the drama is a big hit and the song is good too

    2. [+146, -45] V’s voice is so good, his voice doesn’t sound like an idol, his voice sounds manly. His voice is mysteriously handsome just like his face

    3. [+129, -29] Wasn’t he ranked high in the daily chart too? Looking at his ranking trends, he’s definitely the muggles’ pick

    4. [+41, -12] But it’s not like OST depends on the drama, if your song is good even if your drama doesn’t do well, it still ranks highㅋㅋ Because V’s song is good, his ranking is good

    5. [+24, -1] I’m not a fan, but V’s OST is the public’s pick

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