Years past really fast

  • when covid started and experts said that it will take years until it end (I forgot how many years they said 3 or 5?) anyway I thought "wow that's a lot" but now years goes by really fast and I never thought that after 2/3 years we will still live with covid and some countries have restriction and with the green passport nothing is normal. I remember reading that when we reach 70% vaccinated in the whole world things will be back and with player collapsing people started to worry more

  • Tell me about it. It's the third year we've had to live with this scourge and I'm so done I can't begin to tell you how much as I guess the whole world is so damn tired of COVID. Just when we thought we had it under control, along comes Omicron. Here we are getting 30,000 cases a day in my state and testing kits are in short supply. Even the supermarket shelves are bare, but not with panic buyers but freight staff in isolation. I'm having my booster vaccine at the end of the month and I'll be glad about that, (even more protection). I can't remember what it is like to live life before COVID - the good ol' days we'll never see again. Masks are the new way of life. :-(

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