BTS's Agency Denies Dating Rumors Involving RM + his reaction

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    BTS agency has spoken up about dating rumors involving RM.

    A YouTube channel posted a video on December 30 claiming to show evidence of BTS’s RM being in a relationship with a wealthy woman of the same age since 2019.

    In response, Big Hit Music commented on December 31, “The dating rumors involving RM are not true.

    Earlier in the week, Big Hit Music also denied rumors involving Jungkook that were posted on YouTube.

    So far the YouTuber that was mentioned by Taehyung (he said he would sue him) made videos about all members except J-Hope and Jin.

    It's surprising that Big Hit denied the rumor when the video about it has only 100K views and it was uploaded less than 1 day ago when they haven't said a thing about the IU x SUGA video with nearly 800K views and posts on community sites.

    Namjoon said: it’s a person i do not know at all and the poodle is my friend’s poodle^^


    Namjoon definitely watched the video already :eyes:

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