If I Was A Kpop Producer Man WOO!AH! Payday Would Be My Dream Debut

  • If I Was A Kpop Producer Man WOO!AH! Payday Would Be My Dream Debut

    If I woke up one day as a Korean Kpop Producer wearing JYP pants.

    I would use my Super Korean Executive Power to will my new girl group to debut with Payday.

    Finally a song that hits all my imaginary boxes.

    Pretty and listenable. Beautiful.

    And catchy enough you can sing along.

    Actual honest to god full singing and choruses. Without all the weird chanting yelling, talk singing that's trend these days.

    No unnecessary rap. No fronting and I'm Bad Artifice.

    Isn't overproduced. No whiz bang production excess.

    Uniforms!! Pretty!

    Has an amateur simplicity and charm without actually being cheap or wanting. No it's refreshing.

    Soft and feminine aesthetic without being too cutesy nor being too cold or fantastical.

    It's pretty. Smooth. Charming.

    Goes out and does what so many forget to do with all their trying and budget.

    Have pretty girls singing a pretty song and dancing charmingly.

    Sounds simple right?

    But it isn't.

    And if I were a Kpop Producer Man this would be my dream debut.

    Do you all like it?

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  • Payday is really good. But I just noticed how much it sounds like a Red Velvet song to me.

    That's definitely good for you. But for me I prefer I Don't Miss You.

    I really love that they can do both these styles.

    Payday is my absolute fav.

    But I really dig I Don't Miss U.

    Come to think of it it's a little like Payday is the Velvet side and I Don't Miss U is the quirky Red side. Lol so maybe you're Red Velvet comparison isn't too far off lol.

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