What do you think of the new layout?

  • Didn't even realize you could change the style until I came to this thread :sweatr: I was gonna say it's so bright but nvm I just changed it to the dark version

    It'll take some getting used to but so far it's not bad

    I miss the thumbs up button being one click but the different types of reactions are probably more helpful

    but it seems easier and more efficient? Tbh I stopped really checking forums around the time badges got introduced cause I didn't really understand them or how to get them.

    I think since everything has kinda been reset it'll be easier to "catch up" and understand how everything works


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    Yes there is a dark version. You can choose which one you prefer.

    Also if you want a badge let me know, there is a free first badge. Maybe you want to check em, its here https://forum.allkpop.com/suite/trophy-list/

  • I’ve only just noticed it and whilst it is an improvement on the previous layout, it is a bit confusing eg, I keep looking near my dp for notifications but they’re in the menu section. I’m not all that crazy about it but will have to put up with it.

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