Has anyone ever called you a "fake fan"?

  • No one deserves to called a fake fan unless they're clearly bashing a member or an idol after claiming to stan/be a fan of them.

    But have you ever been called a fake fan for a ridiculous reason?

    For instance: called a fake fan for not streaming or buying merch/albums, called a fake fan for not liking a song, album, etc., called a fake fan for not knowing something about an idol, group, or a song, etc.?

  • ripia

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  • Not called but I do see some indirect taunts towards me.

  • Lol no, my fandom is pretty chill on this forum.

  • In a round about way. I've also had my opinion told it doesn't matter cause I'm a multi.


  • nope. i'm a multi.

    i hope i won't be called one though. i see a "true blink" thread last time that was kinda rude. i don't like the gatekeeping that's been going around.

  • Its a regular occurrence but I don’t really care anymore

  • No but I've been called a company stan once for not agreeing with akgaes

  • I think I've been called a fake fan of a sports team before!

  • No. The people in our fandom in akp forum is really cool and kind.

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