Photoshoots/Magazine Pics and Covers. Lotta stans like to brag when their faves get one of these things, some even think their faves are earning money from them.

  • But is this true? Are these things promotional expenses that the label has to pay the magazine/website for? Or are are they actual jobs where the magazine or website pays the idol/label?

    I'm talking about all the photoshoots for third party magazines and websites, like Elle, Vogue, etc.

    I'm seeing a lot of comments and posts from poor Wizones who are happy that the members are being booked for all of these shoots, and i find myself wondering...are these things actually earning money for the members and their labels?

  • someone mentioned this previously but a lot of times the fashion labels pay to have idols or models wear their clothes...

    Like BP would be paid by their respective label, Dior, YSL, Bulgari, Channel etc etc to effectively model their clothes for the magazine and I'm sure being that big the magazine would also pay them as well

    For izone I'm not so sure...

  • I don't think YG/BlackLabel would invest in Somi like that, and she has protoshoots all the time. They doesn't even give her a cb.

    But I don't know, some labels could promote they idols by paying magazine covers.

  • BP for example are booked for magazines by brands they work for, not YG. They are paid by Dior, YSL, Celine etc. But I think if idols are not promoting a particular brand or product the company probably pays for a cover for publicity/promotion and the idols themselves don't earn anything except for more recognition

  • You're typically compensated for appearing. It may not be a lot of money, but I assume they're being paid *something* for their time... the payment would come either from the magazine itself or the fashion label who is featured. I would also assume that these can be set up outside the company since the members of GOT7 were landing magazine covers before they finalized things with new companies.

    It's a win/win for the company though because they get their idol exposure without having to foot any of the money for the photoshoot. I'd assume that only the company would negotiate would be cases where the idols actually become contracted faces/ambassadors/endorsers for that fashion label since that's tying both brands together officially.

  • Stop being bitter that the izone members aren’t starving to death after izone’s disbandment just bc the girls didn’t continue working in the industry as a group like you want, it’s not a good look for you X/

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