Guess the MV pt. 2

  • put your answers in spoilers!

    made this one a little easier

    only a little though

    1. [18+ mv] Girl with light-coral colored hair dances with hula hoops, wanders around a dark bathroom, rolls around on a bed, and surprises a guy wearing a VR headset

    2. Four girls spend quality time with a mannequin of a guy in their four motel rooms next to each other. Eventually they get together and stuff him into the back of a car, only to tie him up and torture him while dancing and spraying crazy string and cheese sauce on him

    3. This is not a title track or a b-side, this is a single. Five girls are sitting in a classroom while a bunch of chaos happens behind them, suddenly the bell rings and they look up, and a cartoon silhoutte of a teacher walks through the door. All the girls behind them throw everything in the air, they look at the teacher and two of them put their hands over their mouth and then it's 3 minutes of the girls simping over this teacher in slow-mo.

    - Girl with brown hair and white blonde ends has a giant bagel on her desk

    - Red haired girl has a mirror on her desk

    - Blonde haired girl with two braids has a megaphone and toy hammer on her desk

    - Black haired girl with glasses has books on her desk

    - Brunette has a journal on her desk

    4. It wouldn't be a *insert group name here* mv without some running, moon visuals, and abandoned building shots! Girl literally runs and jumps off what seems to be an abandoned diving board into an empty pool, but it's okay because she's magic. Her bandmate runs and jumps over a fence and off a ledge, but it's okay again because she's magic.

    5. Girl wearing a powerpuff girls dress gets onto an elevator with a cute guy who takes a candy out of his pocket. She looks at him while he eats it, suddenly jumps inside his mouth (as a cartoon), and they start spending time together dancing, etc. in the elevator, girl dances in her iconic DHL shirt. Plot twist at the end, it was all just her daydream but as the guy walks to step out of the elevator he reaches into his pocket, takes out a candy, and hands it to her.

    6. Car that says "Not even a distant memory", reading on a chair in the middle of a pool, pink flowers, existential crisis + bubbles at the laundromat, graffiti, fireworks, same car that now also says "better off without you", vandalism is okay if it's your ex's car and your lipstick, random amazing dance breakdown at the end

    7. Close-up of lips eating a yellow candy heart, going on insta live with a burning birthday cake behind her, unexplained kawaii bunny ears, lots of instagram imagery, sitting on a pink toilet sneezing with butterfly clips in her hair, "subscribe" and "like" written on her palms in lipstick, "#Nofilter" "#Followme", lots of candy heart imagery, playing the knife hand game on the table, taking bites out of raw tomatoes

    so kiss me, i'm the yuno-gasai-icegif-18.gif m o n s t e r that you made

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