Guys, i had a Dream with BTS Last Night...

  • This dream was suprisingly Heartfelt

    they came rushing (kinda) into my house late at night, i dont think my fam was in the house

    they come out to the Family Room and sit down

    me who is shocked AF slowly walk into the family room and sit on the chair they gave me a look like

    o great, now what do we do

    but i quickly told them that im not a crazy fan nor am i the biggest BTS fan, and i wanted to just sit down with them to show them my Sympathy for them(i was honest about that to them for some reason) and after that they relaxed and gave me a warm smile

    for some reason my grandmother was with me

    and she asked why they came

    and i told her that being an Idol isnt easy, when you are constantly around other fans, sometimes having gifts thrown in your faces

    then one of the members spoke (they had blue hair) and they said," Yea! when it comes up right in your face and it hurts!"

    we all started talking and another member with Blonde hair mentioned about how some fans try to grab you

    so it was like, i was thier person to vent to, and i listened to them

    they then got up and started to get ready to leave

    and i asked them if they would like a hug before they go

    and they actually said " That is very nice, thank you" :pepe-life-support:

    they each gave me a hug (and for some reason i asked my mom if i could take a pic of them and The Loona members cause they were there for a few mins 0-O)

    and they began to run off again and they told me not to tell any other fan about where they were

    i told them that i wouldnt, id never blow that for them

    they gave me a positive smile, waved me goodbye

    this felt extremely real too :pepe-life-support::pepe-life-support:


  • Lol, once I had a dream that I was taking a walk and Yoongi was following me because he thought I was going somewhere specific and wanted to see it, but I was just wandering. He didn't talk to me but he was always just a bit behind me. I never freaked out though cuz he was wearing a beanie and who could look at beanie Yoongi and freak? For some reason I started limping and he came to help me up a hill and then I woke up.

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