[NB] Gagwoman Kim Jimin reveals she saw idols kissing by a staircase

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    Source: Wikitree via Instagram

    "Idols frequently exchange love messages near the vending machines by the 'Gag Concert' staff bathroom. They'll leave written messages in the coin slots.

    "I don't know much about the idols these days but I did see some kissing by the KBS stairs on the day of 'Music Bank' filming. They were up against the second floor wall. I think they purposely choose a spot they can hear people from rather than hiding anywhere."


    1. [+317] No one's saying idols aren't allowed to date. People are just surprised that they are being so open about it when relationships in corporate workplaces are discouraged and they're kissing somewhere public where they can be caught.

    2. [+290] Why are some of you complaining about hating idols? ㅋㅋ Are idols not allowed to date or something?

    3. [+195] Idols are human too! Human!!

    4. [+138] Idols or celebrities, I wish we can create a world where they can date freely

    5. [+65] Let them be. They're at that age~~

    6. [+21] It's not like the idols are harming business or affecting others?

    7. [+23] I don't know why idols bother being idols if they're going to get into relationships ㅋㅋ just debut as a regular singer instead. The whole point of being an idol is to sell the fantasy of a relationship illusion with your fans, so why pick that to debut as? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    8. [+49] It's fine if you date but please just don't get caught......

    9. [+24] I'm sure they do more than just kissing ㅋ

    10. [+9] So it's one of the groups currently promoting, no?

    11. [+8] I wonder who it oculd be..????

    12. [+4] Who could it be??????


    source: netizenbuzz


    "Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everybody has a reason and everybody has a story. I hope people don’t judge a person based on what they see." Kim Taehyung


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