Han Seo Hee exposed her Pledis trainee day's anecdotes


    Q: Seohee0jjang... Can you share a TMI about your Pledis trainee days?

    A: There would be days when I would have dance lesson for 4 hours straight
    During class, whenever you wanted to drink, you had to ask the teacher's permission.
    Pledis were just f*cking harsh.
    I would practice from 10AM to 10PM.
    And there are practices on Sunday too
    On Sunday, I remember it wouldn't start at 10AM but 12PM instead.
    If you ever get drowsy in the vocal room or you're seen playing on your cellphone, the head of the rookie development team would see all of that through the CCTV in their room and they would come in the vocal room to look for you.
    You can't even get sleepy, you need amazing skills for that.
    After work, on your way home, they will take a picture of your watch and send the picture to the Katalk room.

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    1. Nu'est also had it hard during their trainee days, they cut the CCTV line and ran away and slept at a hotel room that one of the members' dad booked for them

    2. Their way of thinking that giving this type of practice to deliver good result seems very dangerous. Because it allows their minds to rationalize/justify abuse. There are a lot of groups who encounter this kind of system

    3. Do they really need to go this far? The kids know how much work they need to put in, just let them be..

    4. I was also shocked that they had CCTV for each practice. Seventeen also had a live show broadcasted before their debut. To put it positively, it's hard love, to put it badly, f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. It's hilarious that they can't even drink water, if they get bloated, it's even harder to manage

    6. They way they neglected Pristin makes me even more mad

    7. Nu'est Jonghyun also said that he would sleep in the washroom

    8. Seventeen's choreography are so strong, meanwhile they also perform live

    9. It's a military academy

    10. Looking at Seventeen... It reminds me of the Melona prison ^^

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