Kang Daniel "I take into consideration all the burden that comes from being solo"



    Singer Kang Daniel participated in the pre-recording of YTN STAR YouTube show 'Banmal Interview', which will at 6 pm on May 6th, and revealed his sincere feelings.


    Kang Daniel expressed his feelings while finishing the third and last album of the 'COLOR' series, 'YELLOW' and the difficulties of going solo.

    He picked 'Change in singing style' as the part he paid the most attention to this album, and said, "There was a problem with my vocal chords due to changing my singing style." Kang Daniel said, "It seems that I haven't taken the time to look around while running without a break," and expressed that it is not easy to maintain his condition with such a busy schedule.

    When asked if it was unfortunate that there were no fans on the music broadcast, he said, "I am a person who gains confidence from the fans," and showed off his love for fans.

    Kang Daniel defines himself as "a performance-type singer, not a singing-type singer" and as a performance singer, "I want to show various elements of the stage in harmony. But I grew some concerns for not being able to convey everything since there are no audience" he said.

    When asked what is the difference between his group activities and his solo artist?
    Kang Daniel cited the biggest difficulty as "to have to bear all the burdens and attacks on your own". He replied, "Even if an unexpected situation arises, I have to judge it from moment to moment and I have to do it alone, so it becomes more burdensome and there are many things to bear alone, so my shoulders are heavy."

    source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/052/0001584081

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    1. Does performance-style singers and signing-type singers even exist? I can't believe he's finding a way to justify not being able to sing by creating categories like this

    2. So we have to call them performance-style singer instead of a bad singer?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He never sang once on stage but he's always blaming it on his vocal cordsㅋㅋㅋ

    3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can't believe he's saying these words with his own mouth and it's hilarious... So if he's a performance-style singer, it's safe to say he can't sing?

    4. Objectively speaking, he can't sing

    5. I hope he works harder and gives us a better comeback, fighting

    6. Niel-ah you don't need to come back this often, I rather you just focus on working on your skills instead... Your vocals are just not it... You used to be in a group, but you can't cover everything in a solo

    7. He's not a commoner and he's a singer, so can people stop shielding him and calling is "hate" every time someone criticizes his singing skills?

    8. He needs to practice a lot and give us better vocals to prove everyone wrong next time

    9. I feel like he's the type of takes criticism as hate

    10. My bias are also performance-style idols but they can still sing though?ㅡㅡ

    11. He releases albums way too many times, instead he just be practicing.
    He's his own company's CEO and it's not like he has that many schedules. He knows himself that he needs to make himself accountable for his solo, so I hope he stops feeling like a victim of criticism. He needs to stop gaming and spend that time practicing singing too. He can't even sing his own song isn't he embarrassed at all?

    12. He always blames it to something/someone else

    13. A singer who isn't a singing-type?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even idols who are good performers can sing..

    14. So why did they remove the encore videos? Can't he use them to improve...ㅋㅋ I thought the broadcast company removed it because of copyrights, but seems like it wasn't it

    15. It's my first time seeing someone blame their vocal issues over doing too many video fansigns.....

  • he wasn't blaming anyone

    why are these knetz targeting him like this?

    he just answered the question he was asked

    performance type singers as opposed to like, ballad singers, it's clear what he was trying to convey

    and of course it is harder to be alone, that's not an excuse for anything, it's a fact

    where did he blame fansigns?

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