• Stage Name: Niel
    Birth Name: Ahn Daniel

    Group: TEEN TOP
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Date of Birth: August 16, 1994

    Zodiac sign: Leo

    II. Niel Facts

    – He was born in Taean, Mallipo, South Korea.
    – Family: He has two male siblings. An older brother’s named David and a younger brother named Bo-Sung.
    – Education: Heungjin High School
    – He was a child actor.
    – He used to play soccer when he was in elementary school, but started to become lazy.
    – He’s known as the “Emotional Vocals”.
    – He relieves stress by picking on Ricky.
    – In the TEEN TOP dorm, he shares a room with Ricky since they are the loudest members.
    – His hobby is listening to music.
    – Niel is friends with INFINITE's Sungyeol (Sungyeol said that on “A Song For You”)