Would you add this to your resume: Kpop company PR (Unpaid Internship)

  • Would you add this to your resume: Kpop company PR (Unpaid Internship) 7

    1. Yes (4) 57%
    2. No (3) 43%

    Be honest. I’m seeing a lot of them and I wonder why do they bother doing it so much if they aren’t getting paid

  • Did you learn any useful skills? Is it relevant to any field you want to go into when you apply for a job? PR is a good thing to have on your resume. Since it's an internship, it should be included in the "internship" portion of your resume (instead of "internship," it should be called "Relevant Professional Experience," btw). Including this information shows your drive and willingness to advance in your career. So, yes: If it's relevant to what you want to do, it should be included.

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  • No, it does not fit in my current portfolio and cv, also unpaid sucks when you can get good money and a better company even though they might not have anything to do with kpop


    You can get paid internship at more reputable companies than most kpop entertainments that are except a few only known im Korea and have shitty working conditions

  • I think you should add this to your resume, why not. It’s also a kind of experience. I tried to add everything I could to my resume to look more attractive in the eyes of employers.

    Although I didn't know how to describe my skills and strengths so that they looked organic and not intrusive.

    Therefore, I used the service of editing my resume on this source https://resumeedge.com/resume-editing This helped make it look better and more natural.

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