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    I'm sorry but both my girls deserve so much more.

    As for Jihyo it seems like JYP just didn't want to promote her at all. I'm not going to comment on her musical choice because that's the song she picked herself and I respect that, but the lack of budget for the MV and the teasers???? I believe that even with a mediocre song, with good promotions and good budget, she could've done so much better. Maybe even rival against Nayeon. Either JYP is playing favorites or she wanted full autonomy on every decision, this was disappointing to see. Especially from a big group like Twice.

    For Seulgi, I can't help but wonder why her solo didn't make more noise than that?

    The hype was there, the concept was there, the budget was there and the promotion was "kind of" there too? She's quite known for her talent so I'm still questioning what went wrong? Needless to say, girlie came out and didn't make any splashes. It was a shame because she's the red velvet member I was looking forward to the most in terms of giving us a SOLO. This is especially shocking when you see all female solo acts from SM succeeding despite hers.

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  • I think neither girl has much GP appeal, and even Onces/Reveluvs seem to focus only on making occasional TW hashtags praising them rather than actually investing the time and energy to stream their songs. From what i've read, Jihyo got really solid sales (500-600k iirc?) so her solo stans at least did their part.

    I see these two as cult favorites within small sectors of their fanbases, kinda like the idol version of the song Spring Day which never had much GP appeal (never reached #1 and only lasted 4 weeks in top 10 on Melon but managed to hang around at #78 on Melon for like 5 years =O ).

    I personally think Jihyo is Twice's best dancer and best performer by a wide margin and i like her vocals and visuals. But i have never understood Seulgi's appeal. :pepe-shrug:

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