SPEAKER VOTE *DONE* ; JIM JORDAN = 25 *NO* Total = FLOP (3RD Round) ; 2023.10.20

  • apnews.com/speaker-jordan-flop ... House Republicans *drop* JIM JORDAN as their nominee for (Leader) Speaker, stumbling back to square one ; 2023.10.20

    JIM JORDAN = 25 *NO* Votes = FLOP again.

    USA HOUSE of Representatives -->

    PANCAKE HOUSE makes JIM JORDAN = 'FLAP FLOP JACK' ??? ... :wink:


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  • krell

    Changed the title of the thread from “*SPEAKER VOTE LIVE NOW* Fri. 10:30am ; JORDAN = 3RD FLOP Soon (Apparently) ; 2023.10.20” to “SPEAKER VOTE *DONE* ; JIM JORDAN = 25 *NO* Total = FLOP (3RD Round) ; 2023.10.20”.
  • The saga of who will be the next Speaker continues ...

    Yes , the *SAGA* of the 'Bickersons' ('Republican' Party) continues ...
    To be USA HOUSE SPEAKER (Leader) is surely a *desired* position (job) ...

    There will be others expressing *interest* in it , trying to gain approval.

    But so far , NO new 'leading candidate' for SPEAKER that might be approved

    has been identified ... They ('Republicans') clearly *should* have left

    *McCARTHY* in place as SPEAKER , *until* they had their MEETINGS

    to decide *exactly* who would replace him , *in advance* of McCARTHY

    being removed ... TERRIBLE PLANNING by the ('Republican') TTT Party ...

    JIM JORDAN was *TRUMP* favorite , and he *FLOPPED* miserably.

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  • Posted earlier about my lousy gambling prediction of a resolution happening soon. This confirms I'm lousy at gambling.XD

    The issue that dividing the vote is Over Budget spending. Two minority groups are vehement about the issue. One side is pro Government spending with little or no regulation. Other side has had enough huge over budget spending and have a 'do or die' attitude in order to reign it in.

    No idea what is next. Interesting is how a Crisis takes second priority to Party On Weekends. Government is never ending disappointment.

    Good development, Representative from Florida Rep Byron Donalds is running for Speaker of he House. Not being a showboat like McCarthy or Jordon. He might not be as polarizing figure.

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  • archive.today/abJfv

    After Jordan Falls, House Republicans

    Ask Who, and What, Is Next ; 2023.10.21

    A band of more mainstream Republicans

    brought down the hard-line conservative,

    but the G.O.P. has hardly stemmed the chaos.

    Observation -->

    This article *explains* the current 'Republican' Party SPEAKER situation.

    *McCARTHY* (as SPEAKER) = *Very Good* at ($$$) FUND RAISING (Donations).

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  • Can't get pas security check on the article. Have heard many takes on GOP party in chaos. If Jordon was too conservative for some. I agree main stream GOP at least some GOP reps are happy with Washington's Gravy Train and don't want to change it.

  • I saw them this time, thanks. It is same as I read elsewhere.

    Same reaction as above. Some GOP like status quo, big government over budget spending. Any threats of curtailing spending must be suppressed. The other opposite GOP side(Referred in the article as the Hard Right) are committed to stopping multiple Trillion Dollar over budget spending that ends in grid lock and disruption.

    Who is on wrong side, the big spenders are as much culpable in the grid lock. Meanwhile National Debt increase nonstop. Money being spent is not current taxpayers, its future generations. Will cause a economic calamity like no one has ever seen before. US Government has become a Burden US Citizens can not afford. Is a danger to the US economy.

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