The good and the bad things about the past

  • People are often saying stuff like "Things were much better back in my days"

    There are also kpop fans that say "2nd gen is much better than 4th gen"

    Well.. depends on what past we're talking about.

    If it is 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100...

    I believe that there are some things that maybe was better in the past.

    Like I watched a movie from the 80's today, that made me think "They don't make movies like this anymore" or I think it was more like "if this movie was made today, some things would have been different."

    But heck, there are stuff in the past that make you think "Thank goodness, things are not like that anymore."

    But something people act like they think everything is better now than it was in the past.

    For me, the past has both bad things and good things.

    The same about the present.

    And the future.

    And in the future, we are going to talk about the past, the present and future again.

    Well... making this thread, when I actually should be going to sleep.

    So this thread maybe looks untidy.

  • I actually don't feel that way. . I loved the 80's. I was a teen then and listening to the music of the time made me realise just what a good decade it was and that I was coming up just at the right time. I'm proud of my age and generation and nothing else can even compete with it imo. Sure, it was a very turbulent decade politically and the fashions left a bit to be desired, but it's the era I revert back to time and time again. I loved those times and would love to relive it. It was such a good era that even my daughter thinks 80's made the best music and jokes that she was born in the wrong decade.

    Today just sucks imo, technology has made life easier but harder at the same time and so much uncertainty. I'm sorry you can keep the 21st century, I'll get back in my tardis.

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