APRIL/Hyunjoo Bullying Issue: All Statements Compilation

  • For a fair overview of the situation, here is a compilation of all the relevant allegations from both DSP's camp and Hyunjoo's camp.

    I did not include the CF pullouts, replacements, and the wall issue since they do not contribute to the main issue of bullying as alleged by Hyunjoo.

    I included the links to the screenshot of the portion of the medical report and some compiled clips that are pointed out as "evidence" of both sides.

    Since DSP has already stated that they are pursuing the case legally, all that we can hope for is for the truth to come out.

    In the meantime, please exercise your critical thinking, and take note of the very important details of both camps.


    01 BROTHER

    "Hello, I am former April's Hyunjoo-noona's little brother. I wanted to say this for years, but I kept it to myself for her future. But I think it's time for me to say it. My older sister supposedly left the group to pursue acting, but that's not the truth. She was ostracized and bullied in the group, and she ended up getting anxiety and had breathing issues because she suffered so much. She even tried to commit suicide. When we think about that, my parents and I still hurt. My sister left the group, and her label sent her a letter that claimed she was leaving to pursue acting and told her to write it exactly. So my sister did that. We really know back then but we thought that was the right thing to do for our sister. But after my sister wrote that, she got so many hate comments saying she betrayed the group for her own benefit. She never got apologies from the members. When my mom went to the label, the members just laughed at her. My sister is still working hard. I kept it in because I didn't want to hurt her image, but I can't watch the members just pretend to have done nothing wrong. It's so hard for me and I can't imagine how my sister is feeling. I don't want the members to be on TV anymore. I don't want to remember them when I see them on TV and I don't want to see my sister suffering anymore."


    02 DSP

    After being accused of staying silent, DSP Media told Asia Today, "We are still checking on what happened with Lee Hyunjoo."


    03 FRIEND

    "Hello, this is a friend of former April member and a current actress Lee Hyunjoo's friend. Hyunjoo and I are friends from high school and we still keep in touch from time to time. I'm writing to clarify that all members bullied Hyunjoo except Chaekyung and Rachel(*who joined the group after Hyunjoo's departure). I'll write few things I've heard.

    1. Former April member Somin hated Hyunjoo and started bullying her.

    2. Chaewon then relayed things Hyunjoo didn't say to Somin in hopes to make friends with Somin.

    3. Hyunjoo finds her tumbler which was a gift from her grandmother in the company's fridge. Turns out Naeun put Chungookjang in her tumbler and left it in the fridge for months.

    4. Naeun took Hyunjoo's sneakers and claimed it was hers. She didn't apologize after Hyunjoo proved it was actually hers by showing her name on the shoe.

    5. Members said "This b* is trying to make her face look smaller again" behind her back right before recording.

    6. Yena and Jinsol continuously picked on her, tripping her up and stepping on her feet.

    7. Chaewon was in a relationship with the group's manager. So the manager turned a blind eye to what was happening.

    8. After Hyunjoo attempted suicide, the company said the members were reflecting on themselves so Hyunjoo and her mom visited the company. Members met them but ignored them and laughed with each other."



    Yunyoung, a former A-JAX member and DSP Media labelmate, wrote a long post on his Instagram story. The story read, "I'm so upset so I'll just lay out the facts. When you talk to your friends, do you just tell them the truth? People automatically end up saying only their side instead of objectively laying out both sides when you're ranting to friends. Hyunjoo was probably upset because things didn't go her way. But the [April members] had it worse. Hyunjoo, sorry, but I gotta say what I gotta say. Because of you, I feel so bad for the kids... While I was in DSP Media, I saw the entire thing that April went through. Hyunjoo suddenly stopped coming to practice and schedules were broken all the time. It's true you can be sick and weak. But then you should've quit early. But you wanted to do what you wanted and you wanted to take it easy. How can you live like that? You're not a soloist - you're in a team. These girls would cry until their eyes were swollen in the training room. If they tried to talk to her, she wouldn't listen. Members spend more time together than family.

    Everyone knows that Hyunjoo is the visual. But if you can't follow, then you should've worked harder than anyone else. I only saw a one-sided story so I think you have to know the facts. Stop saying that no one just stood by and watched and that they were all perpetrators. Hyunjoo, the members really worked hard to keep the group... You only wanted to shine yourself, but the members put the team and the fans first.. You were all young so it was probably hard to hide, but how can they bully you when you refused to listen to anything or talk? You were bullied? Please stop hurting people by just going with the ride.

    And Somin, who's a KARD member right now... She's someone who worked so hard when she was little without trying to pull any stops. She used to lead April as their leader and by keeping her tears back as they practiced choreography. Is it a crime to work hard? They worked so hard to be here, so maybe she didn't want them to success? Hyunjoo, I support your future. I hope no one gets hurt."


    05 EX-STAFF

    "I am a former Staff member who worked with april ever since kara project until hyunjoo left april. There are many posts online that differ from the reality that are exaggerated so out of pity (for the other members) I too gathered up the courage to come forward"

    I included a photo proof of my business card.

    "To make it brief:

    1. there was no physical abuse. Only hyunjoo‘s and the other members‘ personalities didnt match. Anyone could tell in the waiting room that there was no one that took the lead in bullying her or isolating her. In the post by the brother there was no explicit detail of torment either.

    2. from before the current members of april joined the company, difficulty of breathing was a symptom that hyunjoo often complained about. She received detailed examinations multiple times at multiple hospitals however there has been no exact diagnosis or disease name.

    3. somin, who was the leader at the time of debut, was pointing out hyunjoo‘s attitude of skipping practice and schedules a lot, therefore the two didnt get along well. However in order to protect hyunjoo‘s center position in april, somin decided to leave the group.

    4. the suicide attempt her brother mentioned, probably is the incident where hyunjoo left the dorms at night, sent a text to her parents and was out of touch for a few hours. However if my memory is correct, hyunjoo was just at the han river park and there was never a trace of her self harming or any other attempts (to hurt herself).

    5. right before april debuted, hyunjoo left and naeun was quickly chosen to substitute her when you look at the pikicast videos from before debut, you can see that naeun was not there. But after naeun took that place, hyunjoo returned and April debuted as a 6 member group. At the same the members were 17 and a half on average, they were very young...

    hyunjoo and also the april members were all put into a team together against their will, and so it was difficult for them in order to endure the situation. Other groups have the same situations too. In the difficult process of enduring their one dream hyunjoo was a kid who was more tender and feeble than her peers, but thats not her fault.

    I greatly cherished hyunjoo and even tho its a bummer, i have not heard or seen of anything the current april members did so wrong to the extend that they deserve the hate theyre getting rn.

    It‘s unfortunate that an incident that has no victims or perpetrator was driven into one direction like this. No1 did anything right but also no one did anything wrong.

    I hope my post stops the witch hunt"


  • 06 DSP Second Statement (Answer to the Friend's allegations)

    - On Jeon Somin

    Jeon Somin became a trainee at our label when she was 16 and has been working hard for a long time. She worked hard as the leader of April after she debuted. It is false that she hated or bullied any member. Somin and Chaewon were trainees together for 3 years and were close already, so there was no reason for Chaewon to bully someone else to get close to Somin.

    - On the tumbler

    There are 40-50 tumblers in the dorm, and the members had put dwenjang stew in one of the tumblers for the members to eat at the label. Hyunjoo said it was hers, and Naeun apologized right away. Hyunjoo also ate together with the members.

    - On the shoes

    The label bought 2 pairs of identical shoes per member for a total of 12 pairs. Four of the members had the same size, and this is just what happened because of that.

    - On cursing at a member before broadcast

    It is false that a certain member was cursed out before broadcast.

    - On their livelihood

    The label checked the CCTV of the training room where Hyunjoo claimed she was bullied, but we found nothing. We are letting you know that we shared this with Hyunjoo and her mother as well.

    - On the manager

    It's true that April members were close to their female manager, who was with them 24/7. Dating the manager is a complete rumor and there is nothing she stayed silent on because she liked a certain member.

    - On greeting Hyunjoo's mother

    The April members realized it was a serious situation and greeted her silently because they didn't know what to say. This was a misunderstanding from that.

    The label further confirmed that they would be taking legal action against any false information being spread.



    "There is no such thing as bullying or outcasts in [APRIL]. At that point in time, the members were just young kids who were unable to accept all of [Hyunjoo’s] whims. [Hyunjoo’s] emotionally-charged actions were just another weight for her colleagues to bear within the hard job as an idol.

    In order to hang on and stay awake back stage, everyone had to visit the hospital, receive treatment, and take medicine. [Hyunjoo] claimed her health wasn’t doing well and slowly started to miss practices. There were days when she did not return to the dorms, and as the occurrences increased, the members were always feeling insecure.

    Ultimately, while promoting their comeback on music shows, [Hyunjoo] said she did not want to work and disappeared. As she failed to attend two broadcasts, the members had to stay up until dawn to rearrange the choreography and pull through a highly intensive schedule. Eventually, the members crumbled under the stress they had suppressed. People who saw them cry during rehearsals will know. The people who were harmed by this weren’t only the members.

    As time passed, the members went to therapy and were able to consider this as an experience and live their own lives.

    But you still asked for an apology? I assure you, the one that frowned on television due to these past events is you. Was [Hyunjoo] really hurting solely due to the members? I also read the posts from acquaintances that listed specific instances and claimed the members were the perpetrators. I don’t know just how much these matters were distorted or if information was left out or made up.

    Talking down, not apologizing, ignoring…

    In those posts, the members were devils that can’t function properly in society. How can you not include the accounts of everyone involved, and instead, turn the members into evil perpetrators?

    I know that, including [Hyunjoo], everyone is currently trying to work hard at their own jobs. With everything happening, facing a variety of hurt is inevitable. However, I’m not sure if this is something to harm someone else’s lives over.

    I know that, that post was written without proof and for a certain purpose. That’s why I cannot just stand by without doing anything as the misunderstanding and biasness grows worse in this aggravated situation. The members shouldn’t be hurt more than they already have. I appeal to you to not shoot the arrows of criticism towards the company and members anymore.

    Thank you for reading this long message."



    Hyunjoo's alleged younger brother began by writing, "I realized that my sister's agency and the acquaintances of the April members are not self-reflecting at all and showing so signs of guilt after seeing all the negative messages sent to my parents," explaining the reasons he was uploading a new post. He explained, "They failed to include exact reasons in their claims and I want to share the truth because I feel my sister is the only person becoming a strange person."

    He continued to write, "First, my sister wanted to become an actress when the company was starting to form the girl group, April. She was ostracized even before the debut and she had told the agency many times that she doesn't think she can debut with the group. However, the company convinced her many times telling her to think about it a few times. She used to practice alone in her room while watching the video the company sent her as she said she doesn't want to cause the group trouble when she went back. So she didn't drop out of the group because she wasn't able to act but because she was ostracized."

    Then he continued to say, "The agency said, 'she was not able to diligently participate in various activities with the group because of her physical and mental health,' but the members took turns bullying her, and it became worse when they debuted. She started to form health issues when she had no place of haven where she can get away from all the pain. She had to endure everything by herself, so she started to become sick."

    Hyunjoo's brother wrote, "My sister often fainted while continuing the activities and practices. The members and the manager who knew she was sick didn't bring her to the doctors right away but left her. Ultimately, my sister suffered from respiratory difficulties and other illnesses, so she went to different hospitals for treatment. What should my sister have done when the people around her say she wasn't diligent when she was actually sick."

    He also counterargued the agency's statement that said there was no clear victim and perpetrator to the situation since the members were all victims of the given circumstances. He wrote, "The agency said that there were no clear victims or perpetrators, but that is wrong. My sister told the agency numerous times that she was being ostracized and bullied. The members of April will all know what they did. My sister was having so many difficulties at the dorms that she had to sleep on the waiting room floor and take showers at the company while promoting 'Tinkerbell.'"

    He further explained, "That's when she came back home during her promotions and cried out loud telling us what had happened. She told us that someone left rotten food on her seat in the van. When she was cleaning it up and spraying perfume, the members and the manager came into the car and cursed at her, saying it smells. These things happened so many times that my sister even tried to take her own life. Still, the agency came to her hospital and told her to come back for promotions. She couldn't handle it anymore, so she decided to leave the group."

    Hyunjoo's brother further claimed that DSP Media was negligent about the group's bullying and asked everyone to help her get over her pain. He concluded by saying, "I hope that everyone stops and helps my sister get over her pains. Also, I want the members to self-reflect and apologize."


    "The company claims that while my noona wanted to be an actress, she was placed in the team after their persuasion. However, my noona had been undergoing training to be an idol. She was made an outcast right before her debut, so she believed she could not debut with this team. She told the company her thoughts on the matter, multiple times. But the company persuaded her time and time again to take a few days off to think about it.

    She returned in hopes that the bullying issue would get better but that didn’t happen. Rather, it became worse than before. She believed she couldn’t take back her decision [about ultimately joining] and continued to hope that things will get better, so she took it upon herself to bear the situation. As a result, her body was unable to take it any longer.

    During schedules, practices, and on her way to and from the company, there were many instances where she fainted. The members and manager knew she was sick, but didn’t bring her to the hospital immediately. They left her (laying) there. Ultimately, noona experienced much pain and difficulty breathing and tried to recover while attending various hospitals.

    I remember that they didn’t let her take her medicines properly because it caused her to become drowsy, and it would get in the way of their promotional activities and practices.

    It is true that the company gave the members sneakers as gifts. The members got a pair each, with a total of 6 pairs. The member involved in the situation had a different design from my noona. As the member had the same size, noona waited for the other member to choose first and then took the pair that was remaining.

    However, from some point in time, that member kept wearing my noona‘s shoes and when noona asked her about it, she said she bought it herself. After checking that [noona’s] name was written on it, the member threw the shoes and told her to take them."


  • 09

    "Hello, this is DSP Media. We are writing to relay our official stance regarding the controversy with former April member Hyunjoo.

    We met twice with Hyunjoo and her mother to act in the best interests of our artist, even after a number of allegations made by alleged Hyunjoo's family member and friend.

    Hyunjoo insisted on her one-sided claims that she was the victim and demanded a statement that was far from the truth. Although we wanted to continue discussions with her despite her stance, the person claiming to be Hyunjoo's younger brother created another one-sided post in the early hours of March 3 which resulted in a situation that can no longer hold a conversation.

    We have done our best to protect both Hyunjoo and the April members. But from now on, we will be taking strict legal action against Hyunjoo and people who claimed to be her family member and acquaintance, posting allegations online.

    We apologize to all the fans who love and support our DSP Media artists. We will work toward a conclusion that the time we have spent together would not be put to shame.

    Thank you."



    Fans were dumbfounded when a person who claims to be APRIL Kim Chaewon's father releases a medical certificate on social media, saying "my daughter was also sick".

    An Instagram post from a person who claims himself to be Kim Chaewon's father, which seems to be defending APRIL members, drew the attention of fans.

    The Instagram post said, with a picture of a medical certificate,

    "It was a hard time when everyone tried hard to achieve their dreams, but everyone was struggling. How would I feel if I were denied those times... I didn't know if you, who is always bright and strong, were so sick. That's why it's even more heartbreaking that you told me not to speak even if you fell down several times in fear of worrying about our family. I told you that you would be rewarded for these efforts, and that effort would never betray you".

    The medical certificate states that Chaewon had fainted with Vasovagal syncope on Jan. 13, 2016 and were sent to the emergency room.

    She has since complained of headaches and other problems, and appears to have been hospitalized at the pediatric department on Feb. 10 for brain MRI and brain wave tests.

    Kim Chaewon's father apparently wanted to say that his daughter was also in poor health conditions.


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