BIG 3+1 Year end Financials

  • On the 10th JYPE "Finally" updated their financial results for 2022. Thus we have all the initial financial information for the 4 largest KPOP companies HYBE, JYP, SM, and YG. Source is either from the WSJ or the companies official web sights. (all number are in Millions of Korean Won ₩. So 1,000 = 1 Billion Won = 1000 Million Won, 1,000,000 = 1 Trillion Won)

    So how did they all do.

    Total Sales (How much money they physically received)

    HYBE total sales going from 1,225,926 to 1,778,019 an increase of 42%

    JYP total sales going from 193,900 to 345,892 an increase of 78%

    SM total sales going from 579.876 to 848,422 an increase of 21%

    YG total sales going from 355,631 to 391,197 an increase of 10%

    Net profit. (How much they take after taxes, cost of goods EVERYTHING).

    HYBE net profit going from 136,801 to 33,923 a decrease of 75%. (Note they still made money).

    JYP net profit going from 67,500, to 67,501 (essentially the same from last year)

    SM net profit going from 133,540 to 89,137 a decrease of 33%

    YG net profit going from 6,948 to 38,090 an increase of 448% (Note that the had negative growth for the previous 3 years so big turn around)

    So winners/losers. (Since all people here are mostly just success stans)

    All companies increased their sales. Everyone was a winner in that regard (sorry everyone).

    All companies made a profit (again sorry all you people out there that want company X to fail because you either want your favorite artists to be "FREE", or you want your rivals company to fail so they can be "FREE" from being a group.

    HYBE had the highest sales increase while JYP had the highest percentage of sales increase.

    YG had the lowest sales increase as well as the lowest percentage of sales increase.

    YG had the highest NET increase while SM had the highest actual NET and JYPE had the best NET profit margin (NET/SALES) at 19.5%

    HYBE had the lowest NET increase (negative actually), and YG had the lowest actual NET and HYBE had the lowest NET profit Margin at 1.9%

    So who the #**!*! is #1.

    Take your pick and massage the numbers so your favorites come out ahead with mind twisting logic.

    My takeaway is.

    #1 JYP. They had the highest % of sales increase and the second highest NET. They also have the best net profit margin. They did though have the second lowest NET increase.

    #2 HYBE. They had the highest actual Sales increase but it was less as a % than JYP. They also had a huge drop in NET and actually the lowest NET of everyone with 5x lower in NET profit margin than anyone else.

    #3 SM. They had the 3rd highest sales increase and the highest NET though it was a drop from the previous year by 33%.

    #4 YG. They had the smallest Sales increase but the highest NET increase. But not giving that as much weight as they were starting from a point that was about 1/10th the NET from the other 3 companies in 2021. But that is still a great achievement for them as they "FINALY" got their costs under control this year and raised the Net PM from 2% to 9.7%.

    I don't have Debt or Gross income numbers from everyone so I can't see who got more in debt yet so I can only do Sales/Net.

    Also note for debt. Don't just say oh so and so's debt or liabilities has risen x times. You also need to look at their assets. If their assets grow as well then it is not a problem. It's when the Debt/Assets gets out of proportion that it becomes an issue. Note that Apple for instance which is considered a great run company has a L/A ratio of over 100%. As of 2021 no company was in trouble.

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