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    I don't think so. The K-pop industry is already saturated by itself.

    But they may saturate the survival audition industry. This year we had Nizi Project, Girls Planet 999, LOUD, and Wild Idol. Next year we will have Boys Planet 999, i-Land 2, Nizi Project 2, NCT Hollywood, and God knows what else.

    I don't know if I'd include the Japanese Nizi project as they aren't like the other Idol shows. There really wasn't any audience participation that determined any of the outcomes. Also it has nothing to do with the KPOP industry just the Japanese industry as it wasn't even aired in Korea. It's more like the internal workings of what the normal IDOL elimination process is.

    In general I don't have a problem with it. I do find it very tacky though for them to ONLY include their own groups and not invite other more prominent Japanese groups like HigiDan, Exile groups, =Love etc... While JO1 is fairly popular the others really aren't. Its obvious that Mnet is not really considering them as Japanese Boy groups but "THEIR" boy groups and the genre is meaningless for them. That kind of nepotism so to speak and the neglect of actually putting out popular Japanese boy groups I don't like. If they allow Japanese groups they should allow all groups and not do gatekeeping.

    They will come back and hopefully as many as can will get the experiences. I was very happy to have one of my favorite groups get to perform in front of at least a few thousand at their first ever concert last weekend. It was touching to see how well they were received and how touched they were. But even then the audience were not allowed to yell or do fan chants. With the way the vaccines are going now hopefully starting at the beginning of the year things will be more doable, and they can do full concerts with full audiences by the middle to end of next year I hope.

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    I think people need to realize that a lot of your great groups and companies started out from basically nothing. HYBE/Big Hit had essentially nothing when they started helping with 2AM and then GLAM/BTS etc...

    If you extend that to not just entertainment companies you would include companies like Apple. That was just a garage set up with really zero money. Microsoft the same thing too.

    I bet your thinking but your putting idols lives in perspective and they are dependent on the company. Same is true for all the employees. If the employee isn't paid then even though he doesn't live in a company furnished apartment he/she still has to pay rent, eat with the company funded money.

    Most true innovation in all forms come from people and companies that have basically nothing. When you go to a large firm you go to that firms process. The chance of doing good is much greater but the chance of doing something truly innovative is not.

    Sure being under jyp doesn’t have a large reason to do with it lol? :pepe-use-head:

    Oh that helped quite a bit. But it really wasn't the majority of it. The Nizi Project hit inroads into the general public way beyond anything that was ever expected. The show was the #1 show on Hulu for almost the duration of the show or 20 weeks. In Japan this program was talked about by almost everyone it was considered the #1 thing on female students minds for the first half of 2020. Not #1 music, not #1 group but #1 everything. It was way beyond anyone's expectations. It was fun as heck to see happen. Youtube for example. Started out with a few hundred people watching some re broadcast stuff one week then a few thousand then a few million.

    which begs the question my friend since you seem to be into jpop...

    why is then niziu so "hot" in japan and in demand compared to the other groups you mentioned...

    I can actually answer that. But better here is a Japanese person answering the question.

    But the basic answer is. Luck. Correctly placed format, correctly done promotional, other celebrity endorsement and just the right time.

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    NiziU have the stream and the downloads, but Nogizaka have the physical sales and public recognition, the members of Nogizaka are much more important than those of NiziU.

    Actually I think it would be better to compare NiziU with Sakurazaka or Hinatazaka

    Even so comparisons between GG are much more "tied" than in BG (there is no female version of Johnny's)

    You must have missed this.

    NiziU's public recognition is way up there. But I do like that the GG's are tied for the most part. Good competition is always a plus in my mind. I hope in General the GG's get higher and higher so that they can once again start competing with the soloists and BG's. They have fallen a bit since the 2013s and hope they get back up there.

    Nogizaka is number 1 GG in Japan right now

    No one can tell at the moment to be honest. Could be either one. The problem with the 46/48 groups is digital sales and streaming which do bring in cash as well as physical sales. While NiziU did get highest overall GG rating at the mid year point from BB Japan N46 hadn't really put anything out. It's almost like who is higher, Blackpink or Twice. One has digitals and one has physicals

    Right now I'd give the edge to NiziU because while there physicals are only about 2/3 to 1/2 as much as N46. Nogizaka46 digitals are more or less non existent compared to NiziU. Won't know until the end of the year.

    Besides don't really care that much as both are making loads of Yen. Just looking forward to watching NiziU in their first concert performance tomorrow (or today depending on your TZ)

    For Korea there is no reliable way to get Korean only sales. The only country that really does that is Japan which has makes it's Oricon. They require you either pick it up physically in a store in Japan or the order has to go to a Japanese address before it is counted. The only way for a foreign person to get the album is to go through a redistribution company and then have them ship it to you. They have these but the amount of sales they do in comparison to the normal domestic sales is trivial. Probably 1/100th of the sales of any Album. They also don't include bulk buying for counting so if someone or a group orders 200 Albums it counts to a maximum of 3 albums. They actually did that in response to Korean Sajaegi.

    I'm wondering if JYPE's itch for having super high notes in their girl groups will be ameliorated somewhat by having Nina available. Those really high notes in ICSM were also present in PopnShkn and TaP. And while Nina can sing the highest they have 2 other girls doing the background ad-libs super high pitch notes besides her.

    she has shown leadership skills and choreographed everything well

    but that still doesn't change my opinion that there are few k-girls which are more talented than her :)


    I agree somewhat. She isn't one of my favs. I think her singing voice isn't that good and just average. But her expressions, and rapping are pretty good esp among the K girls. Dancing though she is definitely top notch. Her timing, open movements. and dance lines are really good. Overall skill wise in the K group I'd have her pretty high up there and since this was a "dance" position performance she did really good imho. Among my favs that I like but know won't make it is Jiyoon. So far at least great vocals and dancing and stage presence are all good but she just isn't popular and has gotten zero push. I like making up my own mind and don't trust the "judges" opinions as they have pretty much already stated they are playing games. One person I used to like that I think will make it is Hikaru. She has the fierce look down pact but when she was doing her latest performance this week she kept switching her facial features from sweet, to bland, to semi fierce and doing it at wrong times. Her dance lines also seemed a bit slow when compared to Suyeon who was very good.

    As was demonstrated in the last episode it will be to hard to tell. Kim Dayoon for example was in no way going to make it to the last episode except for the big edit they gave her in this episode. I'm actually very happy that all the people that were trashing her have somehow forgotten that they were doing so and are now going. "Who me? No I supported her all along. I have no idea where you got the idea I was saying she was bland, boring, and whiny. My account must have been hacked". We haven't even seen all the performances from this round. We haven't even seen half the performances. All the golden edits that are coming next week are yet to be seen. While some of those golden edits will be a waste as people will have already voted and changed their mind because there obviously can't be any great performances next week. We will be getting the individual fan cams in the next day or so.

    about the award for best new artist and sixtones and snowman, the agency of these groups, Johnny's, prohibits their groups from being nominated and participating in most awards ceremonies.

    The agency also prohibits direct interactions between its groups and groups from other agencies.

    Hmmm didn't know that. What about Yoasobi? They really I think should have won it last year and if not last year then this year as they have gotten even bigger.

    New Asian Artist that went to JO1. On Billboard Japan JO1 was ranked #18 for the overall group rankings.

    At the same time NiziU was ranked #15, Snow Man was ranked #12, Six Tones were ranked #11 and Yoasobi was ranked #8. All of these artists debuted in 2020 or in Yoasobi's case December 2019. I can see them being ahead of NiziU as technically when the award was given NiziU had not debuted yet but the other groups no way.

    On Singles sales, JO1 was ranked #14, 16, while Snow Man was ranked #3,4,5. Sixtones was ranked #3, #5, #6 (#3, #5 were colabs). JO1 had 2 Platinum's but Sixtones, & Snowman had million sellers.

    In downloads Albums NiziU was #2 and JO1 wasn't in the top 100 at all.

    In download songs Yoasobi was #7, ,#28, 57, #68, #69, NiziU was #17. JO1 wasn't in the top 100

    In Streams Yoasobi was #1,23,62,67 and 76. NiziU was ranked #11, JO1 wasn't in the top 100.

    By any metric the award should not have been given to JO1 but someone else as there are 4 groups that ranked higher then them.