Voice of America (VOA) about the recent controversy of members of the family of Hanni from NewJeans who are Vietnamese anti-communists.

  • 12 February 2023

    Voice of America (VOA) about the recent controversy of members of the family of Hanni from NewJeans who are Vietnamese anti-communists. :

    From Hanni Pham thinking about the future!


    Thien Ha Luan Trend of searching "Hanni" on Google in Thanh Nien article.

    Trend of searching "Hanni" on Google in Thanh Nien article. Share See comments Print "Girls and groups keep releasing albums.

    They don't have money and don't plan to buy anything from you. I'm ready to order 10 new deluxe versions album/mini-album/single. "

    Tran Van This week, Hanni Pham is one of the hot and thought-provoking topics...

    Hanni Pham is the stage name of Pham Ngoc Han, 19 years old, born and raised in Australia, then moved to South Korea. She can speak three languages (English, Vietnamese, Korean) and is a member of the South Korean girl band NewJeans. NewJeans has just made a big splash when it sold more than 300,000 copies of its record a week after its release, breaking the sales record for Kpop-style girl bands. NewJeans is also leading Melon - South Korea's largest online platform... Hanni Pham became a hot topic on Vietnamese social networks because a number of groups who loved Korean music, Korean films announced... "investigation" and commented on... "her background".

    Roughly according to "investigation" by Phan Nhat Hai My published on K Crusk Dong, Hanni's grandfather opened a dojo in Australia. The Facebook page of this dojo has a photo of the flag of the Republic of Vietnam (VNR). 11 years ago... 11 years ago, her grandfather, mother, Hanni and younger sister were... present at the dojo's founding anniversary... And yet, according to ... "investigation", Hanni also has her as the owner of a restaurant. This restaurant dares to claim discounts for Australian veterans who fought with the Republic of Vietnam against the communists in South Vietnam and declares “Our culture is based on kinship and everyone is brother, father. , uncle or grandpa, even if they are not related by blood"... Likewise, the "investigator" commented: Although I am the third generation in my family with this political ideology, I I don't claim that I'm like my family. Being raised in such a family, more or less children will also be affected. The truth is still the truth, if you don't tell it, someone else will sooner or later. Hope the Kpop fan community who is supporting Hanni will have a broader view after this post. The decision to love you or not is your right (1)...

    *** The results ... "investigation" from scouring Facebook pages with "dream strings, cheek roots" to Hanni Pham are scattered on pages and groups that are a gathering place for Vietnamese people who love Korean music, love Korean movies, and reflect. The response of tens of thousands of members surprised many people because no one imagined that the young generation who are still considered the backbone of Vietnam's future could be like this – a little feedback from KbizLove page for readers to judge for themselves: NB Ng: If you don't act against it, but you are raised in a family with a three-striped ideology (referring to the Republic of Vietnam because the national flag is three red stripes on a yellow background), it is unlikely that you will have that thought.

    Young people, there are many idols, but there is only one country. If an influential celebrity has a three-stripe mindset, that's a concern. Hoai Li: Even if she doesn't have that thought, she will be brainwashed by her family! Don't you know that those people are really good at spreading the word! In the past, my children were already in 12th grade, study well, but when they went to study English, they met the three-striped teacher, the whole time he talked about the party and said that Uncle Ho was Chinese... The teacher told the whole class to sit and listen to the news... Then my children proudly told me that they were enlightened.

    Later, I tried to explain that it was the reactionaries but they still didn't believe it... That's how powerful they were! Nguyen Tran Thao Nguyen: "The village is really in love, but the village that follows the West must hate it". It's just whether or not you can show it. Idols have countless numbers, the country has only one Thuy Quynh: Until now, there are still many of you who don't know what is the ideology of the Republic of Vietnam and three sticks. the reactionaries, drinking blood and eating our people, are the puppet government set up by the US. They lost and that's why we only have April 30 to celebrate. After losing, they ran off to other countries. The capitalists are all over there. A bunch of disgusting people whose blood has been drained from Vietnam for a long time. It's impossible to say all their crimes here, so everyone please try to find out. Na Na: Whoever opens his mouth to say that fans only care about talent and not politics, the fans must be dead. Hell (2)!.. *** Although there are many people who disagree with the above comments on some pages, the group is a gathering place for Vietnamese people who love Korean music and Korean movies, for example, you can find comments like these on the KLoveFan Facebook page: David Tong: No matter where you go, Vietnamese people are discriminated against. Sometimes they bring people to the clouds, sometimes they drown them in the mud to gloat the delusional anger in a person full of defects.

  • This baby born in Australia has nothing to do with Vietnam but every name. The soldiers sacrificed their heroic sacrifices for the peace of their friends, for the peace of Vietnam, but what does she have to do with, what benefit? Just because a family has the A mindset doesn't mean she has that mindset too. For example, my parents are very patriotic, love the party, love Uncle Ho, and even hang a picture of him. As for me, studying and working abroad, I am not interested in politics. To be frank, I'm busy studying and doing face-to-face, I don't have time to compare the past. Be a smart person, don't use hurtful words to satisfy your selfishness and anger with a person you have never met, never contacted. Duy Khang: A weak country that exports coolies with the bride and insults them.

    Swearing a lot doesn't matter. She is in the rich free country, not at the bottom of a well. Nhu Ngoc: She's an Idol, not a politician, and in Korea, not in Vietnam, she's so big. She must have wanted to go back to Vietnam to be an Idol. Looking at something that looks at the entire family of three generations, people act like they are war criminals. People don't eat their own rice, it's their right to support which party. She's only of Vietnamese origin, but she doesn't have Vietnamese nationality, so why curse. Nonsense! I don't support anyone, just want to say that it's unethical to look at the three lives of an 18-year-old child. The place where she lives and works is not Vietnam, work is not related, suddenly digging up his family and then swearing, demanding a boycott, very funny, very bullshit. Ngoc Minh: These guys are trained in a herd style to attack people personally... Normal people would do that... Quick Loan: I see red cows funny. I'm sure she wants your support. What if she hates the communist party, hates the Vietnamese government, are we going to report... the United Nations? Laugh out loud!.. However, the problem is not in calling for condemnation, boycotting Hanni Pham or analyzing right and wrong, rejecting her condemnation and boycott. The problem is not whether it is possible to reconcile - to reconcile or not. When a large part of the generation will become the mainstay, directly or indirectly, contributing to the decision of the nation's future, the nation's destiny with such awareness, where can the country go? *** Contrary to custom, up to now, the political system and the public system in Vietnam continue to ignore it, pretending not to hear, see, or know anything. The same goes for most of the official media.

    Only a few official media outlets such as Thanh Nien newspaper briefed Hanni Pham's biography and achievements by... “The most searched keyword Hanni (NewJeans) in Vietnam” but said nothing. add (3). Also discussing the attack on Hanni Pham, Tan Trung Nguyen Quoc said that the event reminded Trung of two things: First, the Hauntology (Hauntology) about the Vietnam War - a topic that was once discussed by the Council of Sheep. A brief discussion that mainly hypothesizes that the Vietnam War, which ended half a century ago, will continue to "haunt" Vietnam's political dialogue for decades to come. This reasoning borrows from the French philosopher Jacques Derrida's Hauntology of Marxism for Western politics.

    The second is Directive No. 221-CT/TW (June 17, 1975) of the Secretariat of the Third Term of the Communist Party of Vietnam on education work in the South after 1975 in order to "settle" the education system. South Vietnam education by the Republic of Vietnam government. Accordingly, on the basis of résumés, principals of schools under the old regime, teachers, intellectuals, etc., who are considered to have reactionary seeds, have a bad personality and have a "depraved" lifestyle, will removed from the system. Private educational institutions, which were quite powerful and capable of the South, were gradually limited and destroyed.

    The entire pre-existing educational foundation of the region was toppled and forced to rebuild to new political standards. Directive 221 and its subsequent documents also served as the basis for the formation of what would later be called the "Admission Council" in the southern provinces. This is a group of staunch revolutionaries who will make the final decision on whether a person is allowed to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs. Their reasoning is simply: "Children involved in the US Wei cannot be educated much". However, "getting involved with My Wei" is sometimes as simple as working as a civil servant in agriculture and commerce for the government of the Republic of Vietnam. This agitated educational mindset changed only slightly in the mid-1990s, but this was enough for many capable generations of South Vietnam to be completely excluded from the national political-scientific space. According to Trung, the above-mentioned agitated educational thinking has become part of the formula of Vietnamese education to this day, making the way of thinking and obsession about the Vietnam war / background theory ... "haunted" “even young people, who have very limited knowledge and experience about this war. Many of the families of these young extremists, at a glance, did not actually contribute to the Vietnam War. Having a family, he fled to the North to work as a writer. If there is a family, only one person will be the first soldier for a few years, then he will return. Using the medals and medals of the French-American resistance war from both sides of the Chinese family and abroad, if you go out, your whole family will drown. Yet these are the most radical and most vocal groups in anti-regime activities.

    The fact that a child born in 2004, who has never made any sensitive political statements, is attacked and cursed by a class of Vietnamese teenagers... just because she is the child of a family that was once a part of a family. of the government of the Republic of Vietnam (there are still more than two million Vietnamese like that in the world) is the reason I always laugh unless some Vietnamese intellectuals both at home and abroad mention "national harmony and reconciliation". If you have been "haunted", you can only use an exorcist to exorcise, but not to harmonize or reconcile. Trung also wrote a few more personal messages to Hanni: Daughter and group keep releasing albums. They have no money and have no intention of buying anything from you. You are ready to order 10 new deluxe versions album/mini-album/single.

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    Từ Hanni Pham ngẫm về tương lai!
    "Con gái và nhóm cứ ra albums. Bọn chửi con chúng nó cũng chẳng có tiền và chẳng có dự định mua gì từ con đâu con ạ. Chú sẵn sàng đặt mua 10 bộ deluxe version…

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