"Tom and Jerry" gets a Japan exclusive Anime reboot

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    for now they are exclusive to Cartoon Network Japan, they aren't going to be replacing the original characters but instead they are going to coexist as part of a new block of animation

    the new series is also going to have a more wholesome take on the characters

    Tom and Jerry have been given an ultra kawaii redesign in Japan for a new animated series
    They also seem to have gained transformation powers.

    In terms of tone, it sounds like the hiragana Tom and Jerry won’t be quite as mercilessly violent as their katakana counterparts. The producers describe it as “Adding a topping of kawaii to the speedy, humorous movement of the good-natured fights Tom and Jerry always get into.” They’re also joined by Tuffy (also known by the name Nibbles), and apparently all three of them have the ability to transform into cute things like candies and sweetsTJ-4.jpg

    so what do you think about it? i personally feel that the news series is really cute and the humor is faithful to the franchise

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