*Name Recognition* in USA Politics ; 2022.12.07

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    "The issue (is) how *close* the (victory) margin was (over Herschel Walker)."

    *Name Recognition* (Walker = Famous Georgia SPORT Athlete) as a reason

    to *vote* for someone , is *definitely* an ISSUE in the USA.

    (1) RAND PAUL (USA Sen. KY) ... Father RON PAUL was

    ... past USA HOUSE Rep. (TX) = Ran for USA PREZ in Year 2012 (vs Romney).

    (2) MITT ROMNEY (USA Sen. UT) = MORMON Religion Founding Family.

    (3) KENNEDY Family in MA State (fading influence).

    (4) BUSH Family in TX State (fading influence).

    (5) HUCKABEE Family (AR State) = Daughter newly elected AR Governor.

    (6) AL GORE (USA V.P = B.CLINTON) , Son of USA Senator TN State.

    (The 'Name Recognition' listing goes on and on , in my view)

    There was chatter that BOB KNIGHT could be elected

    as a USA Senator from INDIANA = Famous BASKETBALL Sport Coach.

    There was chatter that JOHN WARNER (USA Senator VA State)

    got VOTES due to being MARRIED to (Actress) ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

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