what holding 2NE1 from releasing new music

  • among all 2nd gen gg, 2ne1 are the one who still hanging out regularly. maybe bcs they only consist of 4 people but you dont see any disbanded gg seeing each other that often. even KARA reunion is very unexpected

    i wonder what holding 2ne1 from releasing any new music despite the member still close to each other and in fact all are still active on music. both KARA and SNSD have a successful comeback so i believe 2NE1 can also make some noise with their group reunion

  • It can be that although they are still friends they feel already over that part of their lives. And on another note: releasing music takes a lot of time, work, discussions and money. If they are not backed by a company then it could be quite difficult to get everything in order. If they want to profit then they can't just release, they do have to promote and rally up enough fans from the past, have some direction and image, goals, etc. Not speaking about the technicalities, like: is it their goal to establish themselves again, or do they want just make music in the remembrance of old times? I feel like it's not that simple to release music just for fun or come back after many years passed. But these are only my thoughts.

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  • Would they even be able to? I doubt YG gave them the rights to the name.

    Kara still has Youngji who is still in DSP. The majority of SNSD is still in SM. Both of them make sense that they could regroup under the company that still owns the group name and have the backing of a large enough agency.

    None of the 2NE1 members are still signed to YG, and I don't remember where Dara signed to, but aren't the other three either in tiny companies or their own self-managed agency?

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  • That would be awesome if they had a reunion comeback, but there would probably be a lot to it considering their own careers and labels they're working with individually.

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