The Tea From the Megan and Harry Interview

  • Kate was the one who made Megan cry, not the other way around. Everyone knew about it and they waited 6 months after it happened to spin the story around and blame Megan

    "The institution" is the one that didn't want baby Archy to have a title and they told Megan and Harry that Archie will not have any protection

    Someone in Harry family made comments about Archie skin color (my bet is on William)

    Megan was suicidal, she asked the "institution" for help, she wanted to be hospitalized and they refused, they said it wouldn't be a good look for them

    Charles...Harry's dad is not talking to Harry

    Harry and Megan are having a girl


  • "The institution" should instead be translated as "The Firm". It's been a nickname/codename for the British Royal Family for decades, if that makes things clearer. If you're associated with the Queen or the royal family, you say you work for The Firm instead, in an attempt to preserve privacy (and also in an attempt to keep their staff from getting followed by paparazzi) .

  • None of this is surprising to me. The British Royal Family sits on a foundation of thousands of dead bodies and generations of torment. Racism and white supremacy come naturally to them.

    I'm just really side-eyeing William rn. Not only is he an adulterer when he KNOWS the kind of mental torment adultery caused his mum, but he also saw history being repeated with his sister-in-law and did nothing to protect her. He was already cancelled before but he's irredeemable now.

    I truly think Kate needs to get out of there too. From what Meghan said, she seems like an okay person (brought her flowers and seemed genuinely remorseful for making her cry).

  • Some of this I don't believe, btw, and you shouldn't either without factchecking, because it's not accurate.

    Archie would have hereditary titles that literally come to him by blood, there isn't a lot people can do about that, and nothing that the royal family wanted to do to disturb it. (Look at the titles Beatrice and Eugenie have, for example.)

    Prince Charles IS talking to (in conversation with? collegial with? should I just use "okay with"?) Harry now, there was only a divide as the couple prepared to leave the UK because Charles didn't agree with the decision for a royal couple to leave the UK.

    Go read the CNN article, this summary totally misrepresents the whole interview.…07-21-intl-hnk/index.html

  • Not really shocked by any of it tbh. It is funny watch people try and defend the Royfal Family though. The Royal Family is a joke and has been for a while now. If only they had the same energy when it comes to Prince Andrew

  • Quote

    Markle, who is Black and American, said that, while she was pregnant with son Archie, unidentified royals had “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he is born.” The comments, Markle said, were made to Prince Harry and relayed to her by her husband. But Markle declined to say who in the royal family voiced those concerns, saying “I think that would be very damaging to them.”


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