ABORTION Privacy Invasion = META (Facebook , Instagram) *FORCED* by USA Law Enforcement ; 2022.09.01

  • nytimes.com/2022/08/18/us/abortion-prosecution-nebraska

    A Mother, a Daughter and an Unusual Abortion Prosecution

    in Nebraska (USA) ; 2022.08.18

    Private Facebook messages are key evidence in a rare case

    that has stoked fears and inflamed debate over abortion restrictions.

    Observation -->

    META (owner both Facebook , Instagram) is looking to *encrypt* ALL MESSAGES (near future) ... In order that META is *not* LEGALLY (USA LAW ENFORCEMENT) 'forced into situations' where META might end up as providing

    *PRIVATE* (FB , IG) MESSAGES CONTENT pertaining to ABORTION decisions.


    Tech tool (FOG App) offers Police ‘mass surveillance on a budget’ ; 2022.09.01

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    Privacy advocates worry Fog’s location tracking could be put to other novel uses, like keeping tabs on people who seek abortions in states where it is now illegal. These concerns were heightened when a Nebraska woman was charged in August with helping her teenage daughter end a pregnancy after investigators got hold of their Facebook messages.

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    FOG App seems clever and invasive.

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  • If law enforcement requires anything you've to give it to them.

    Encryption my ass, anything can be decoded

    (1) Actually , *not* true that say META (USA Private Firm , owns FB , IG) does just *give* to USA LAW ENFORCEMENT whatever that they *request* it via appropriate LEGAL activity channels (Lawyer Activity) ... META actually *looks* at the request(s) , and decides IF that META needs to comply and provide information to say USA LAW ENFORCEMENT ... BUT *agreed* , that IF a *information request* is generally 'in order' , *then* mostly META *must* provide the PRIVATE MESSAGE INFORMATION ... Which , that is *exactly* what *bothers* META , not surprisingly (my view).

    (2) META is looking *strongly* at creating in *near time* future situation , encryption where even META is NOT ABLE to view PRIVATE MESSAGE CONTENT for FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM ... You would do that , via generating a *UNIQUE* encryption KEY (256 bit strength) that would make it such that ONLY the SENDER and RECEIVER of a PRIVATE MESSAGE can READ it (so *not* META) ... THAT situation , would take META 'off the hook' if you will ... It would be as , META could say to USA LAW ENFORCEMENT as 'We have NO WAY to access the PRIVATE MESSAGES that you want the CONTENT of them' ... Which , the *next* question becomes , would (Congress) USA LAW be passed to *require* that META has a *keyhole* DECRYPTION capability for ALL their MESSAGES ... Currently , USA legally , META is *not* REQUIRED to have a *keyhole* capability that I know of it.

    (3) Actually , these *KEYHOLE for ENCRYPTION* issues date back to say the 1970s of (digital) USA computer device communication ... The USA *Government* (FBI , CIA , etc) has ALWAYS WANTED *KEYHOLE* access to ENCRYPTED communication (email , etc) ... So also , there is NOT much *EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY* (USA SCHOOLS) that actually INFORMS USA CITIZENS about the *current* situation with META Private Message Communication ... In other words , in my view , you have a USA GOVERNMENT , that does NOT want USA CITIZENS to use *SOFTWARE* (say META) for PRIVATE MESSAGING that can be FULLY PRIVATE in nature.

    (4) Anyway , look for META to be *motivated* now ... To *try* to have it such that META based PRIVATE MESSAGES are *not* able to be *accessed and read* by even META themselves ... Thus , META gets 'off the hook' of providing PRIVATE MESSAGE CONTENT to USA LAW ENFORCEMENT ... Which is HOW that META wants it in their *soon as possible* future ... This USA *ABORTION* LAW change (ROE removal) has been a REAL EYE OPENER for META ... (My impression) META seems as NOT WANTING to get into the *middle* of giving (actually *forced* to give it) to USA LAW ENFORCEMENT , the PRIVATE MESSAGE CONTENT about some ABORTION activity by FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM users interaction ... This is a *headache* situation currently that META does NOT want it (my view).

    selfmate <--

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  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-key_cryptography

    Public-key cryptography ; Info

    Observation -->

    PKI encryption involves 'paired keys' that are created (and reside) LOCAL on the two computer devices involved in the MESSAGE COMMUNICATION (email , META , etc) ... NO IDEA if that META might use some kind of PKI 'setup' in the future ... A *lot* of email software (stand alone) did *support* use of PKI encryption in a transparent manner , likely still do ... When GOOGLE EMAIL started having ENCRYPTION (via port 995) *automatically* to work (if you wanted it) , that did detract from people wanting to learn how to use a PKI encryption setup (not surprisingly) ... PKI ENCRYPTION is a whole *area* of interest that you could get 'lost in it' for a long time.

    As an *amusing* issue related to ENCRYPTION -->


    (NH State) USA Senator calls for encryption crackdown ; 2001.09.13

    The (911) attacks in New York and Washington prompt Senator Judd Gregg

    to call for a global push for encryption software makers to let

    government authorities (keyhole) crack their (encryption) tools.

    *** Begin Quote ***

    The horror of Tuesday's coordinated attacks on the commercial and military centers of America has prompted the U.S. Congress to call for a global ban on "uncrackable" encryption products ... Speaking in the U.S. Senate on Thursday, Senator Judd Gregg proposed tighter restrictions on software that scrambles electronic data and often hinders a government's ability to obtain valuable criminal intelligence ... (Gregg said) --> ... "This is something that we need international cooperation on, and we need to have movement in order to get the information that allows us to anticipate and prevent what occurred in New York and in Washington" ... <-- Said Gregg, according to a report obtained by WIRED.COM (website and magazine) ... Reports this week have suggested that the FBI believes sophisticated encryption techniques were used to coordinate the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

    *** End Quote ***

    (1) As it turned out , 911 TERRORISTS were using (Public Access Free) LIBRARY COMPUTERS to send GMAIL email *completely* 'in the clear' , so NO ENCRYPTION , to each other.

    (2) USA BUSINESS (IBM , etc) uses ENCRYPTION *ALL* the time ...

    And they do NOT want a *KEYHOLE* situation involved in that.

    (3) JUDD GREGG <-- Others can form an opinion as to his intelligence.

    That was probably more than you wanted to know it about ENCRYPTION issues.

    selfmate <--

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  • If law enforcement requires anything you've to give it to them. Encryption my ass, anything can be decoded

    Encryption has gotten so good that even guessing keys sequentially will take you to the heat-death of the universe to solve.

    what I'm really worried about is pegasus being used.

    Pegasus is a military grade phone bug made by an Israeli company by the name of NSO group for the purpose of providing a toolkit for governments to do wiretapping activities in the digital age.

    however the capabilities of what pegasus can do is what scares me. Whereas the advertised purpose is to track criminals and terrorists, the recent pegasus leak has shown that reporters and other non criminals/terrorists had had traces of pegasus on their phones.

    The more accurate statement is "encryption my ass, anything can be leaked"

    The fact that the US government isn't on the list of customers doesn't mean that the US lacks the capability, it just means that what it has right now fills the niche well enough to discredit the need to acquire pegasus.

    Now- there's the legal issue that Facebook doesn't own the information. it owns the platform. Just like how on youtube, the youtuber owns the videos, individual users own the information that they generate on facebook. If meta (formerly facebook) decides they don't wanna leak they're in the clear. A search warrant is possible to force hands though.

    I'd say that ultimately its still sticky.

    Tech companies have been historically complicit in large batch data sharing in cooperation with the government and only until recently does the image that "privacy matters" helps their bottom line.

    Either way though, if you know where to look, a lot of information is just *out there* You need not know their gps location if you know that a facebook account that they were accessing has sent a packet of information tied to the IP of a router sold in a local area by this business owner who runs this shop at this place. The IP (internet provider) company have even less qualms about forking over information. It was 39 minutes from when I broke copyright law and downloaded a pirated movie and the call came from disney via the IP company rep that I needed to delete the movie or risk being banned from ever receiving internet service from that company and its affiliates.

    As an example. AKP runs ads via instacart. to that end instacart records an IP addresss when availiable to place the "customer" of akp in a general location such that they can advertise more local things to them. all that information passes through an internet provider: Cox, At&t etc, and is more often than not logged. when a cop who knows his snuff latches on to an account, they can ask the internet provider for an associated IP address to internet traffic. he can then take that IP and go to a registry to see which company that IP was sold to. When they get a telecom manufacturer on the line, they can ask which region was that IP assigned to, and trace it down to the store it was sold. If they then ask for the transactions, they can find the buyer and pinpoint generally where that router is in use. if its in an abortion clinic, conclusions can be jumped and ya donezo.

    AKP's involvement isn't required.

  • Kataphract said --> Encryption has gotten so good that even guessing keys sequentially will take you to the heat-death of the universe to solve ... <--

    Personally , I am *not* that concerned that say AKP Employees (6THEORY) might know *exactly* who I am and where I might reside (USA location) ... Based on my AKP Server activity ... There are other general AKP *Users* , that I would NOT care to have it that they know much about my *personal* location in the USA though ... I am NOT 'up to anything illegal' (controversial websites = Boogaloo Boyz , Oath Keepers , etc) that I know of it ... So , let the USA FBI monitor ME as they choose ... As information on *Boogaloo Boyz* = *Steven Carrillo* = USA Air Force *Active Duty* Security Supervisor (of subordinates) in USA Air Force (Sargent Rank) -->


    But , with these USA WOMEN , and their ABORTION related *communications* , which THEY had some notion that it was PRIVATE (clearly NOT true , via FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM) , *that* , the USA Law Enforcement INTRUSION aspect of it , does CONCERN me.


    Again , IF you want to do PRIVATE communication via email , then using the PKI 'paired keys' (exchanged between two parties) is the best manner to do it ... You can actually generate your own encryption keys.
    NO IDEA what 'PEGASUS' is with *encryption* either , and do not care that much.
    But the FOG (APP) for *tracing* ONLINE ACTIVITY , seems as something to look *carefully* at it ... In terms of IF this should be LEGAL to be done to USA citizens by USA Law Enforcement (my view).


    Finally , *thanks* to reply here and post your message.

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