The Legend Of the Fearsome Jackalope - SHARE Your Legendary Creatures!

  • The Legend Of the Fearsome Jackalope


    Here on the great plains of the U.S.A.. We have a legendary creature called a Jackalope.

    It's a giant jackrabbit with antlers. Like an antelope!

    Trappers and fur traders in the 1800s used to pass on stories of roaving bands of jackalopes that would cause mischief and terrorize settlers and caravans. Even attacked people with their mighty horns.

    Some even say some cowboys would wrestle one into submission and ride them like broncos!


    My grandad said that in the 1920s people had enough of these giant horned rabbits eating people and they got bands of men together to roam the countryside with clubs and eradicated them in mass.

    But every once in awhile someone comes running into the donut shop on a Sunday morning hair askew and raves to all the locals how they saw one the night before.

    Most people just chalk it up to Dave drinking too much whiskey again.

    But to others.....

    The Jackalope is still out there!

    Ready to kill your children with its fearsome horns and giant bunny feet.

    Long live the Legend of the Jackalope!


    Do you have any legendary creatures where you're from?

    Share it!




  • emanresu

    Changed the title of the thread from “The Legend Of the Fearsome Jackalope” to “The Legend Of the Fearsome Jackalope - SHARE Your Legendary Creatures!”.
  • i used to have a jackalope bank

    it was covered in fur so i just played with it like a toy lol

    i can't really think of any cryptids, but there's a legend we have in chicago of the billy goat curse.

    a man named william sianis owned a tavern near wrigley field called the billy goat tavern

    in 1945, he was attending a cubs game during the world series

    he brought his pet goat, murphy, with him, but was forced to leave him outside because of his smell

    because of the insult to his goat, he placed a curse on the cubs that they would never win the world series ever again

    the power of the billy goat kept the cubs from winning for over 100 years until 2016

    Sam Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago, acknowledges the crowd along with his goat before a National League playoff baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Chicago Cubs in 1984.

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