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  • Hii

    LOL 1
    • Hello! Sorry I didn't see this omg I feel so bad


    • It's okay! :hug-raccoon:

      Anyways hru? :whatr:

    • I'm doing fine I guess, just really tired... Wbu?

    • You should rest then! :comfort-bunny: I am good but I am nervous because exams are near.

    • I am trying to rest whilst also trying to complete homework. Speaking of exams, I missed one because I had gotten covid. So now I have to make it up.


  • the girl who plays nanno is really pretty

    gives me tomie vibes

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    • yess! Kitty Chicha Amatayakul is her name and she is so beautiful. season 3 of girl from nowhere was finally announced and i am soooooo excited!

    • GFN is a really interesting show but it's so weirddd. The pregnancy episode traumatized me lolol

      though i haven't really watched it in order :pepe-peek: oopsy. I'm excited to see the black and white episode

    • Yeah some of the episodes are weird for sure. Some more than others. I think it's fine to watch it out of order for the most part but some of season 2 does have a consistent storyline that will probably be the focus of season 3.