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    • TASTE! I love to see it. Thanks for the FB!

  • Thanks for the follow! You seem pretty sweet and levelheaded so far, so I'm glad you're here. I'm also from the US too, so that's cool. What groups do you stan? I stan Stray Kids (obviously), BLACKPINK and DreamNote (an underrated six-member girl group who debuted back in 2018; I'm currently petitioning badges for them). That being said, I listen to dozens and dozens of groups casually and love their music, I just find myself too busy to become invested in them if that makes sense. Anyway, do you have anything about me you would like to know? I'm a pretty open book. Have a great day/night!

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    • Sorry for the late reply! I was waiting to get 25 posts so I could respond, haha.

      I stan BLACKPINK, EXO, RV, and casually listen to other artists such as Dreamcatcher, AB6IX, etc. I completely relate to the "too busy to become invested". Though, I do want to get into other groups, so I think I will check out DreamNote!

      What other things do you like to do outside of kpop? I personally play games or spend time with my pets and family.


    • No worries, I don't mind. Awesome! Nice to see other Blinks on here. Awesome! They're so sweet, cute and funny, I'm sure you'll love them. Hope this helps you:

      DreamNote cute/funny moments!!! - YouTube

      It's a bit old, but still hilarious. A ton of stuff: playing with kids, diamond painting, crafts, singing, dancing, writing, swimming, riding a bike, editing pictures, watching a bunch of YouTube videos and stuff like that. That sounds like fun! I am a cat person through and through. What pets do you like? Have a great day/night!

    • The girl with the green shirt dancing to Alligator was probably my favorite, LOL. I also liked them all dancing to Madonna. Love the vid! I will definitely give them a listen, what is your favorite song from them?

      I love cats too! But my family has a zoo, basically. 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 birds, a gecko, and fish!

    • That would be Eunjo! They had so much fun in that clip, it was awesome! I also loved Miso not being able to say "r" correctly, them getting scared and Miso and Eunjo yelling at the manager. I love all of their songs so much, I don't think I have a single favorite, but I LOVE all of their title tracks (DreamNote, Hakuna Matata, Wish and Ghost), Fresh Fresh and La Isla Bonita. Maybe start with one of those songs and go from there.

      That sounds awesome! Have a great day/night!