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  • from in my bed probably sleeping, crying over my biases, or here
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  • Hello! Will you be coming to @bangtan-hoodie and @kittykitka 's wedding?


    It's today at 12pm CST <3

  • thank you for the follow i know why you followed me so i ask this of everyone: tell me something about you that i don't already know

    • umm....I am pretty sure i am part of some royal family. OK so my great grandma married a chief for some tribe so ig that kinda makes me part of one ummmm im 4'11? idk

    • how's everything going with your family and friends situation my friend

      I understand that you're still probably having a hard time

    • its fine i became friends with like 3 friends that ditched me

    • oh that's good...

      I feel for you my friend since it must be hard balancing the family v personal choices

    • yes its hard espacially bc school stresses me out very much

      Sad 1
  • ty for the follow woooo hello :froghype:

  • :mooning::mooning::mooning: play play play