Rodnae "Chikk" Bell

  • I. Introduction

    Rodnae "Chikk" Bell, also known as Chikk or credited as Rodnae Bell, is an American singer and songwriter who has written songs for American artists like Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks, as well as top-selling K-pop artists, including EXO, NCT, SHINee, Red Velvet, Taeyeon, Irris and aespa.

    II. Career

    Bell began her career writing for American artists, then flew to Korea in 2013 and began working primarily with SM Entertainment. Her first K-pop song "Mr. Mr." and "Overdose" for EXO were tremendous hits. She continues to compose, produce and arrange K-pop songs for artists, including Red Velvet, SHINee, NCT 127, SF9 and Weki Meki. She is often a co-writer on Dem Jointz-produced, LDN Noise-produced songs, The Underdogs-produced songs and/or with SM's legendary songwriter and producer Kenzie. She also releases her own songs as a singer.

    This is a behind the scenes on "Monster," including background music of her original demo:

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    III. Discography

    This is a limited discography, only focusing on her work in K-pop.

    Title Artist Album Release


    Credit Charts
    "Mr. Mr." Girls' Generation Mr. Mr. 2014 Composer KOR: #1
    US: #4 World
    "Overdose" EXO Overdose 2014 Composer KOR: #2
    US: #2 World
    "Moonlight" EXO Overdose 2014 Composer, Arranger KOR: #5
    US: #6 World
    "Green Light" Girls' Generation Lion Heart 2015 Composer, Arranger -
    "Trigger" SHINee The Odd 2015 Composer KOR: #39
    "Red Dress" Red Velvet The Red 2015 Composer, Arranger, Producer KOR: #78
    "Monster" EXO EX'ACT 2016 Composer, Arranger KOR: #1
    US: #1 World
    "White Noise" EXO EX'ACT 2016 Composer, Producer KOR: #24, US: #11
    "Why" Taeyeon Why 2016 Composer, Arranger KOR: #7
    US: #6
    "Lotto" EXO Lotto 2016 Composer KOR: #2
    US: #1 World
    "Light Me Up" Red Velvet The Velvet 2016 Composer KOR: #79
    "Recollection" BoA One Shot, Two Shot 2018 Composer -
    "La La La" Weki Meki Lucky 2018 Composer, Arranger, Producer -
    "I Don't Mind" BoA Starry Night 2019 Composer -
    "Love Is the Way" Red Velvet The ReVe Festival: Finale 2019 Composer KOR:#199
    "Love No. 5" SF9 Special History Book 2019 Composer -
    "Kick It" NCT 127 Neo Zone 2020 Composer KOR: #21
    US: #3 World
    "Siren" P1Harmony Disharmony: Stand Out 2020 Composer -
    "Don't Call Me" SHINee Don't Call Me 2021 Composer KOR: #3
    US: #8
    "세어봐(Count)" 1The9 Good Bye 1The9 2021 Composer -
    "Be" Eunhyuk be 2021 Composer -
    "Favorite (Vampire)" NCT 127 Favorite 2021 Composer KOR: #2
    US: #8 World
    WW: #186
    "Siren" Taeyeon INVU 2022 Composer KOR #102
    "Stupid" Hyo Deep 2022 Composer -
    "Wanna Know" Irris Wanna Know 2022 Composer -
    "Stay with Me" Irris Wanna Know 2022 Composer -
    "Girls" aespa Girls 2022 Composer KOR #8
    JPN: #30
    US: #6 World
    NZ: #23
    SGP: #13
    VIE: #8
    WW: #42

    IV. Videography

    This is only limited to her work in K-pop.

    IVI. K-pop MVs