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    how would you read this info? what do the numbers mean? and the brackets.

    Melon TOP100 09:00
    24h&1h ULs

    #1 (=)
    Yet To Come - #BTS
    269,194 (-723) (Peak: 366,942)
    45,892 (+15,413)

    #2 (=)

    346,971 (-1,649) (Peak: 551,140)
    32,536 (+10,037)

    #3 (=)
    333,963 (-1,205) (Peak: 470,544)
    32,489 (+10,623)

    i like what sse did towards how they approach ive debut and a follow up comeback so soon. from when they debuted with promos and contents, behind the scene of mv's and a hit show called ive 123. where the first season was more focus towards their debut and season 2 more of their variety skills. you get to see their journey from when they debuted and now. not to mention they have visuals to boot and some good songs.

    YTC in ON era 😅 I never expected YTC to perform very well digitally on charts, but I expected a 400k uls. Is it because of the decline in melon users overall?

    Anyways, it's only a matter of hands until BTS released another Dynamite. Are they waiting for exemption? Or right time to release proper album? It feels like Proof is only the extension of Muster and for fans. What's transition they talking about? Solo promotions? They haven't life a finger besides the 'low effort' from UMG/HYBE and some music shows for k-armys.

    waiting for the right time? after exemption to do things properly? that's a rather low key shade to the fans/potential new fans who waits for their comebacks and i don' think thats what they aimed for.

    Lesserafim, their debut song is doing well and sales are good as well. I've a feeling their next comeback if they continue s 5 will be even bigger .

    doing well is not enough. rising is not enough. it is statistically impossible for le sera to catch up. ive is at almost 600Million gaon points while le sera is only nearing 50Million. an all PAK RAK gets you atleast 30M points every week. they need to chart number 1 from now till october but still not enough to catch up to eleven. THEN you add in love dive its just impossible. at the same time these two songs from IVE are still gaining more points each week as they are still charting in top3(LD) and top 20(eleven). IF they do a comeback( they need a blackpink level or cheer up comeback) it still wont be enough. add in to the fact IVE can still make another comeback which then they also have to catch up on. they are not better in digitals and in physical. i understand wanting a group win i like le sera. blue flame is my favourite song. but we gotta be real here. ive started way earlier and with two bops that had stability ion charts

    i think a lot of people get delusional about IVE and try to pretend like the group has any foot to stand on without wonyoung and yujin. the reality is the only member who would be successful no matter what besides those two who had the most momentum coming out of izone is rei, who has solid dance, rap, vocals and visuals without any of the four being stand out amazing jaw dropping 2nd gen spectacular.

    and i love IVE, i own all of their physical albums and my favorite members are gaeul and yujin. but ive stans need to face the reality that the group itself would be another 4th gen girl group without wonyoung and yujin. that isn't to say that ive don't have great songs, because they do. but so does WJSN, who are under the same company, who have had a fraction of the overall success as a group.

    that is to say i am very pleased with the success of ive as i love seeing girl groups do well, and im excited to see what they come out with next

    your shady

    your writing off the 4 other members in such a short amount of time. when they just debuted. of course theirs no foothold. no one knows who they were before debut. the other two had time to create fanbase from survival show and izone. your logic doesn;t make sense. give them the same time in 2 years and will see if they don't have a foothold. bts was behind big bang watching on the sidelines while they performed in big arenas, BP was sidelines while 2ne1 was at the top. now look at them they are at the top of their generation.