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    I simply think that Sunmi shouldn't be a mentor/judge, I mean no offence, she doesn't have a specific skill where she fully mastered it like for example, Lisa being a dance mentor on YWY is understandable because she has the skills for it while also teaching the trainees the hard way, it brought them the best results they've had. Not saying that Sunmi is untalented, I just think that she doesn't know how to judge despite her being in the industry for more than a decade.

    Sending me all of those shit posts just to prove that your fav’s popularity is way bigger than Jackson.. tell me are you that jobless that you really have nothing else to do? Every popular idols who are way bigger than Lisa in China also gets their faces on some buildings lol, she’s not special. Then let me trigger you even more, EXO Lay is way bigger than Lisa. Just because he’s chinese, they still count as Kpop idols because they debuted in Korea.

    what’s your problem? I follow CPop everywhere and Jackson is way more popular than Lisa in China. No need to act this poor about your fav’s popularity lmao, you think magazine covers show popularity? Lol pathetic

    Penthouse season 3 is straight up trash, everything is so unrealistic, Seokkyung who was abused by her father emotionally and physically suddenly wants him back to her life and Logan’s twin brother story doesn’t make any sense to the plot, they would’ve mentioned it way back in season 1 during Logan’s backstory introduction. They really should have finished it at season 2. And they ruined our best character Shim Soo Ryun :cryingr: