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    They did improve on yt, your numbers are wrong

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    Also, one of the reasons why the gap on spotify is that big is because not shy was released at 6pm kst while mitm was released at 1pm kst so it had a longer tracking period for the first day.

    Perhaps they should move it forward lol

    May 7th/14th are perfect imo

    Actually I've only seen theories that bts are dropping on the 7th.

    And tbh 7th seems plausible, the theories started a few weeks ago when some fanclub related content dropped at 5:07 pm, but then bts got nominated at brits (held on the 11th) and considering how well dynamite did in europe, they might have their cb stage there. Also the members already changed their hair, I doubt they'd do it now for a single dropping in a month and a half.

    So if they really do cb on the 7th, lisa should be fine debuting on the 28th.

    Oh wow, this definitely took a long time to compile.

    I just wanted to ask what was the criteria for combining versions? From what I see, you combined the remixes for some songs, but not for others. I think counting Fake Love remix might push it above Mic Drop on Spotify.

    I'm kind of surprised Make It Right's not here, since it has over 300M on Spotify and I think even a few (eligible) certifications.

    I thought bts had 2 concerts at 700k and 1mill

    Esit: nvm I checked and the 700k+ isnt paid so yes BP is 2nd, my bad lol

    Nah they're still third.

    Bts' mots one (2 days) had almost 1M in october

    And bang bang con in june (1 day) had +700K

    Both were paid

    The free one was bang bang con in april when they streamed their old concerts for 2 days (12h each, so 24h in total) it had over 50M concurrent viewers and more than 2M real time viewers when it started

    The new song doesn't really make sense. If the essential was released first and deluxe later, it would be fine, but adding songs on a cheaper version and not including it in the version that has so much extra content and is so expensive is just a big no.

    Dynamite and lgo have already done their jobs, pushing them now would do nothing to build hype. Ftmr and stay are not ot7 so they get exclude immediately.

    Blue & grey would be the obvious choice if the last single wasn't lgo. It's doing the best out of all the b-sides, but they're both ballads and I honestly cannot imagine b&g having choreo either and bts have never realeased such similar singles back to back. I might be wrong, but I really do not see them promoting it now.

    That leaves us with disease and telepathy. Both are equally possible, it just depends on what their goal is. Personally, I'd like it to be telepathy since it's my favourite from the album, but it's also been a while since they promoted something more hip-hop influenced.

    Aren't they going to be in 3 or 4 different countries? I don't think they'll all just drop whatever they're doing and fly to Korea to perform at Inkigayo.

    Technically, Lay's still a part of Exo, but as far as I know he hasn't performed with the group since he went back to China years ago. I think it'll be something like that.

    Hiii I was a bit inactive (tbh wasn't that active before, but still) because real life got in the way and I came back to everything being completely revamped, it looks really nice :love: Anyway answering some questions since I'm bored:


    AKP ARMY Questions:

    What does your AKP username mean?

    - it's a nickname my friends use, just spelled differently

    Why did you join AKP?

    - twitter became a mess and I wanted to find a new place to discuss about bts-related topics

    Are you joining Bulletproof?

    - probably no, I really can't guarantee I'll be active enough

    The Basics:

    What moment did you realize you were ARMY?

    - I stumbled upon their dna performance at the amas and couldn't get it out of my head, searched the mv on youtube and that was it, all I watched for the next week or two were their mvs, bangtan bombs, run bts...

    How long have you been ARMY?

    - 3 years

    Who is your bias?

    - Tae I guess? tbh I'm not sure if I have one

    What was the first BTS song you heard?

    - dna

    What was the first BTS MV you saw?

    - dna, but when I watched dope for what I thought was the first time, it was really familiar. I also remember seeing their photos from 2017 bbmas before, I just didn't realize it was them. So I might have watched dope before, but I'm not sure.

    What is your favorite BTS album?

    - be or ly: her

    What is your favorite BTS song?

    - it keeps changing, right now the top 3 is never mind, telepathy and love maze

    What is your favorite BTS performance?

    - black swan at james corden

    Getting More in Depth:

    Do you call the members by their stage names or real names?

    - real names or nicknames, but never stage names

    Do you have any ARMY friends in real life?

    - I know a few people who like them, but no die-hard fans

    Which member do you feel you are the most like?

    - a mix of Yoongi and Jungkook

    What was the last piece of BTS merch you bought?

    - I keep waiting for that purple whale, but it always sells out too fast

    How far would you travel to see BTS?

    - if it's in Europe it's not too far, but the biggest problem would be my job and uni

    Favorite BTS expression or saying?

    - I purple you - it's just so cute

    Name your most memorable BTS or ARMY moment.

    - mots: persona cb, it was the first time I managed to clear the whole day and just enjoy all the content we were getting

    Link your favorite YouTube reaction to BTS related content!

    - I don't watch reactors

    Favorite BTS meme?

    - I don't use them