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    I wanted to do more song but idk if I should do Spotify or yt link bc idk if it’ll make the page slow 😭 it’s just a few songs tho

    Wish it wasn’t you-Amirah


    Blood Orange Wine- Stela Cole

    I’m glad u r enjoying some ||||||

    Omg have u heard this song with beck g it has bad bunny


    Did u listen to her album?

    He also has these song too


    21. Alligator Tears-Beyoncé

    22. Daughter- Beyoncé

    Continuing IMG_3983.gif

    12. How I look on you- Ariana Grande

    13. Foreigner- Bayli

    14. Princess going digital- Amaarae

    15. Guapa- Becky G

    16. Yeaaa- Flyana Boss

    17. We Might even be Fallin in love- Victoria Monet

    This is only like 50 secs 😭

    18. Rhinestone Heart- Slayyyter

    19. No Judgement-Niall Horan

    This is very 🥹

    20. Is it a crime? -No Guidance

    Just random songs I’ve been listening to, some u probs know some probably not 😭

    NightChamp idk when u r on girl but IMG_4356.gif

    1. Alter Ego- Doechii

    This is in my head absolute bop 💃🏻🕺💃🏻🕺

    2. Immature- FLO

    3. The Boy is Mine

    Ik she cheated n everything but ngl these r bops I- 🧍‍♀️

    4. Black Eye- Allie X

    5. True Story- Ariana Grande

    6. PUNTO 40- Rauw Alejandro

    7. Walk like this- FLO

    These girls r so good I could put their whole discography 😫

    8. Labios Mordidos- Kali Uchis/Karol G

    9. Sak Pase- Michaël Brun/saint levant, Lolo Zouaï

    Idk if it’s just me but the bass is loud and idk why IMG_4360.gif

    10. Bleeding Me Dry- Alicia Creti

    This is a performance buts it’s really good

    11. Over- Lucky Daye

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