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    Was going to say this. Y’all seem to forget that Korea has way too many streaming services for a country with a relatively small population. And the most popular charts that are easier for fans to top are Genie and Bugs. That’s why a lot of BGs and rookies last year fared better on these charts than on Melon where more than half of them were non-existent.

    BTS is already the favorite in Japan, if the UTAGE program covered Dynamite it means that the PG is really listening to the song.

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    Wasn’t there a user who used to frequent AKP who kept claiming that Dynamite in Japan was purely fandom-driven and that he had never heard it in public in his city before? What a load of BS.

    After observing your posts for a bit, I have a feeling you’re one of @runcorn’s many alts, OP. Same trolling method, same writing style that always ends with question marks, same willful ignorance. Asking one question and then ignoring everyone’s answers by copy pasting the same points in your OP no matter how dumb they sound.

    Alright, alright, what you want to hear is, BTS are extremely nugu and unpopular, their popularity, sales and numbers are all sajaegi and paid actors. Even NCT, 17 and Monsta X are the true global acts. That’s why no one actually wants to buy their products, thus, no brand wants to collaborate with BTS. Did I cover all the bases?